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  1. About Customs: will the UK have any Customs legislation in place, or will they continue to base procedures etc. on the comprehensive EU Customs legislation?
  2. What is the EU doing to stop the UK from leaving? Utter nonsense!
  3. In my Navy years - back in the sixties - whenever we docked in a foreign port, a list of areas and specific establishments which were off-limits was put up on the notice board. That was absolutely counterproductive, as the only result was that many copied this list and headed directly in the ‘right’ direction.............
  4. I often dreamed about the IoM TT during my racing years, but I never got there. I often watch similar - but often of a much better quality - Youtube videos, many hundreds there. Would you believe that the lap record shows an average speed of 216.3 km/h? During the sixties there were several riders that managed the ton 100 mph/160km/h - as average with a single cylinder 50hp Norton Manx......... The Ulster GP, on a 11km road track in Northern Ireland, is also fascinating to watch, many videos available too.
  5. Yes! Continuation of the existing EU FTA’s, same rules, same tariffs etc. Now that is really ‘taking back control’ - or isn’t it?
  6. Hard to imagine that the UK would be willing to have zero tariffs in trade with all WTO-Members. Or to just ignore the rules as long as there is no court ruling on a Member’s complaint, as you seem to suggest in another reply......
  7. Never been to Pattaya, but if I ever get there, would it be worth it to make a call, I wonder.........
  8. You had to steer around a farang on foot and then you start a rant about farang cyclists? What’s the connection?
  9. Thanks! A great bike! I remember one taking part in the Zandvoort 6hr races in the late sixties. Had over 40hp and judging by the sound of it when pulling away after pitstops, a very long first gear. Must have had a close ratio gearbox.
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