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  1. More ‘letters of intend’ than anything else. Certainly no Free Trade Agreements yet.
  2. It could be different in the case of a separate Customs Union Agreement between the UK and the EU. Look at Turkey, with a Customs Union arrangment with the EU covering, basically, non-agricultural products while being able to conclude its own FTA’s.
  3. damascase

    more bike porn

    I rode it for a couple of hours shortly after its introduction. Absolutely not my type of bike or riding - I owned a Triumph Tiger at the time - but I loved that big engine!
  4. ‘Together’ in this context does not necessarily mean ‘in co-operation with’. It is part of the Commission’s brief to ensure that the law is properly applied - hence all kinds of audits etc. - but in situations where the member country has a differerent view of what is ‘properly’, or neglects the duties following from the law, the case at hand can be put into the hands of the Court. Not unlike what’s happening internally in member countries, I think.
  5. Indeed, and why celebrate ‘no more EU shackles’ with a very typical EU product, I wonder
  6. Talking about ‘the height of incompetence’: wouldn’t that be much more applicable to the UK government that, by now, had three years to prepare and still has absolutely nothing in place to prepare for Brexit? Isn’t it rather gross to now blame UK companies for not being prepared, while the government has - and still is - not been able to tell them what exactly to prepare for?
  7. ‘Threats, threats, threats’?? What about ‘lies, lies, lies’? Nobody is threatening you; as I said earlier, it is common knowledge and understanding that a no deal Brexit will introduce Customs procedures on both sides, probably duties too, and these will inevitably result in delays compared with the current situation. If you want to see that as a threat: yes, it will - at least initially- have a negative effect on the flow of goods, but it is a threat of your own making. Again, don’t blame the EU for the shambles you are in.
  8. If it is about lying to the people, it would get extremely crowded there.............
  9. Are EU officials ‘threatening’? Isn’t it common understanding that in the case of a no deal there inevitably will be delays because of Customs and phytosanitary procedures? And that if these products become more expensive, it will be because of these procedures and of any duties that the UK is going to impose? And you blame the EU for that? And why haven’t seen these ‘savvy business folks’ the opportunity to import direct from Africa before? Or are you going to tell me that the EU didn’t allow them to do just that?
  10. damascase

    more bike porn

    That Linto - by Lino Tonti (also involved in the Paton) - and the sound of it.........always been one of my favourites. The engine was actually based on the AerMacchi 250 single, using its cylinders and heads. The front drum brake was a magnesium 4 leading shoes Fontana - the best you could get at the time. Had one in my 250 Ducati racer back then. Front fork a Ceriani.
  11. What ‘bitter experience’........... Are you sure the UK would have been better off if they hadn’t joined the EEC/EU? Or would the EU have been better off withouth the never fully committed, opting-out and ‘waiving-the-rules’ UK? Questions, questions.........
  12. Nowhere in the actual text it says ‘bogus’, like in the headlines. Neither have they been charged for collecting donations for a bogus charity, so I assume that hasn’t been investigated.