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  1. They are only verifying whether you comply with the legal requirements........
  2. Just wondering whether anyone here has experience with the Yamaha Exciter? I am interested in it because it seems, to me, a good compromise between a motorbike and a scooter. Until recently it had a 150cc engine (with manual clutch and 6-speed gearbox), but the 2021 model has the latest 155 engine with variable valve timing, and 17.7 hp. 121 kg wet, 17” wheels. i walked into a Yamaha dealership today and they offered me the 2020 model. When I said I was interested in the 2021 model with the 155 engine they appeared - or pretended to be - unaware of the new model.
  3. I’ve used Azimo around 10x in the last six months, be it for smaller amounts - less than a 1000€. Easy, quick, no problems encountered.
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