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  1. The unusual carb position on the Puch follows from the split-single engine design, in which two cylinders share a single combustion chamber. See for details https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split-single_engine
  2. The invitation describes the event as ‘With Dutch potato chips, French wine and German beer, watch from a beach chair the UK turning into a closed institution’.
  3. Hot on the Dutch social media today: a call to come and sit on the beach on October 31, to watch Brexit. Nearly 57k people confirmed being interested to join.........
  4. Why doyou ask a question relating to Chiang Mai in a Chiang Rai forum?
  5. If Donald can’t buy Greenland, he might want to take a closer look at the UK. Can’t be very expensive, taking into account the shambles it is in.
  6. Nowadays there the entry to the premium lane is more strictly controlled.
  7. They NEVER ever look at it?? Perhaps not the Immigration Officer, but I have often seen pretty strict control on the entrance to the premium lane and seen people being denied entrance. Recently, a friend of mine tried to get in with a pass he still had from an earlier flight in businessclass on a different airline - they wanted to see his boarding card for the flight he arrived with (in economy) and he was not admitted.
  8. The concept of ASEAN is a Free Trade Zone, which implies - based on that same GATT - free trade of goods originating in other countries in that zone. Different from the EEC - now EU - in that the latter is a Customs Union, in which the origin of goods in trade between Members is irrelevant.
  9. Ohh, but you wouldn’t recognize it anymore - it is a totally diffeent world now........
  10. Correct, based on the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and detailed by the World Customs Organization. https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/cusval_e/cusval_info_e.htm
  11. Maybe he could start by putting on the negotiating table a comprehensive draft text of an agreement that would be acceptable for the UK. Because the past three years have proven that you don’t get what you want by only telling what you do not want..........
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