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  1. Where my bike has been this past month? Well, over 1400 kms with me in the saddle on - and sometimes off - the roads around Chiang Rai. Leaving between 6 and 6.30 am for the long trips, a little later for the shorter ones. All in order to beat the heat. ’Enjoyed’ at least 12 punctures In May, several times 2 within the same trip. All at the rear wheel. Got really skilled in removing the wheel and replacing/patching a tube. Examined the tyre for little sharp objects every time, sometimes successful, sometimes not. Yesterday morning I walked to my bike for a short ride around town and found the rear tyre empty again. ‘Frustrating’ doesn’t quite describe it...... Put a new one in but couldn’t find anything that could have caused it. Cycling back into town, less than 40 km later, I had a second puncture. Went to the bike shop and bought a new tyre, although the old one still looked good but there must be something sharp in it that I can’t find. So, crossing my fingers now for the next trip! My bike, yesterday, between punctures
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