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  1. In addition to the card from yor bank, you should consider geting a Transferwise and Revolut debit cards, with these you get very good conversion rates, they're also excellent for emergency funds transfer. I'd also check with your embassy about the process of getting an emergency travel document in case you lose your passport (hey, 2-3 months is a long time, a lot can happen! ), if they require your birth certificate, at least leave it with somebody who could mail it to you. And think about stuff that could go wrong. A smartphone with internet, maps and GPS is an invaluable tool IMHO, but what happens if you "lose it" alog with your passport? Getting a new SIM in Bangkok without an ID is at the very least difficult (I gave up after being refused in 3 shops). What if you lose your home SIM, how will you access your bank account and any other user account with 2FA that sends a code in SMS...
  2. Even if the only flight from A to B was canceled on that day, they might be able to offer you a connecting ticket via a third airport, it's not unreasonable at all to ask for it and be insistent about it...
  3. 007 RED, I'm a bit sceptical of anonymous people on forums who happen to have a lot of direct experience with the issue being discussed, who happen to meet the right person the other day (whom they've known for a long time) who again shows them in person all the inner workings, and they take the time to type in all the detailed story and solution. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling you a filthy liar, you might be indeed an honest, very knowledgeable and might be doing us all a huge service by sharing your knowledge. But I've seen people on forums that for some reason like to hang around a lot and type a lot of detailed, made up stories, for whatever reason (about which I won't even try to speculate). Some of them are more obvious, some are less so... So I'm just cautioning everyone trusting strangers on the internet too much, and getting into really long conversations over too legit-looking posts...
  4. Rule of thumb for a happy life: keep it simple!
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