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  1. Huh ?? Too sophisticated for me - went right over my head. Can you please explain your analogy. Ahh how many Changs have you had??
  2. Nah - what they need on these flights is a Russian freelancer. She can sort the fellow in no time :)
  3. Hahaha and now Microsoft is spying on you. Bad move mate. What a heap of junk that win 10 is - no wonder they gave it away.
  4. HH - we all know !! that you are terribly clever that is: you may go now and download some illicit movies
  5. Can't agree more. Gotta play the game to appease the big boys in other countries, and to justify their own existence. Next they will be clamping down on knockoff handbags and shoes. Never mind the 'genuine' Rolex watches. Are they trying to also pretend their poo doesn't smell and they don't sh*t in their own nest??
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