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  1. Thank you gentleman for your creative thinking. It truly is appreciated.
  2. My visa expires this November 6, 2019. I am leaving Thailand for 2 months the end of September. I have a non immigrant O visa multi-entry based on marriage from Savannakhet. I will re-apply for this visa in Savannakhet again. I will be traveling in and out of BKK airport on an international flight. So my feeling is to renew the visa before my trip to avoid some of the reported hassles coming into BKK visa exempt (I am American) but I also could just reapply when I return to Thailand. I will be traveling with my Thai wife. I am not sure it makes any difference but I depend on the forum for the good advice I always receive. Thanks.
  3. Hello Forum. I have non immigrant O visa based on marriage. When this visa expires I will be out of the country for about 2 months. Do I renew my visa now or come back into Thailand with visa exempt then get another non immigrant O visa. Or does it matter? Thanks for useful advice. I do not want to get a visa extension until next year due to tax considerations.
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