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  1. Hello, I have a few questions and so far I couldn't find any good answers. so please help me. I will go to Thailand end of this month or November and I'm planning to marry with my gf. First question, which papers, documents or stuff do I need to marry in there or do I have to bring any documents from my home country (Turkey)? I saw there are some agencies to help for marriage but I don't want to risk it. Second question, after I finish the marriage and get the papers and everything, Can I stay in thailand longer than 30 days if yes how do I do that? I assume because of the marriage I should be able to stay but not allowed to work. So how long can I stay? and what do I need to do to stay, I mean to get stay permit? Thankk you so much. Ps. I m not going to do any bad things in thailand. I just want to be with my gf. I was looking for a job more than a year but so far I got nothing so only option is marriage for us.
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