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  1. All the retirees that left Thailand this year for what ever reason and can not return, are at home....Thailand is just a retirees holiday home. Thai govt not in any rush to allow old people back due to the fact Covid kills very old people so why should they let them back. Such a shame this has happened this year, but in reality the Thai Govt over the last few years just not interested in having old people living in Thailand.
  2. The source of the declining tourist sector over the past 3 years before covid, easy to work out. High Bht...made almost everything expensive. Yes could get a Hotel deal that seemed cheap and taxi rides (if you could get an honest driver) was ok, but shopping and eating out was so expensive. Many expats i know are struggling big time and even the foreign business owners are in trouble. Now the question is; Who will blink first? Thai Govt or the departure of the Expats and Foreign Business owners?
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