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  1. a nice gesture i guess but seemingly unnecessary as he's said earlier he will try to go siem riep and fly in. personally I thought it would have been cheaper and safer to just go to ban laem but i'm sure he'll be fine
  2. the article paints a nice picture of air bnb and the great thai host but not the reality of most of these rentals from what i have seen and heard. a large percentage of the rentals in thailand are condos in BKK and I have seen warning signs in the lifts of fines for any owners caught renting via booking.com or air bnb for less than a month in one place for example (50k fine). another had recently installed finger print scanners for the main door specifically to try to stop air bnb rentals. most friends and family i know in these condo blocks (thai/foreign) seem to be constantly trying to get the juristic office to stop air bnb rentals. it's ironic because many comments on air bnb for BKK condo rentals say how it was good to see how the locals lived instead of staying in a hotel when in reality they are despised by most of the residents. if i had bought a condo to live in and the the building was turned into a virtual hostel with cheapskates wanting to save on a hotel going 4/6 to a room and sitting around drinking by the pool all day, getting back pissed at all hours and generally making a nuisance of themselves i'd be pretty annoyed too.
  3. and the photo in your post is nothing like a cell in thai police station, they don't have windows and generally don't separate detainees. you go in a same sex cage, just bars.
  4. whats really a shame is you apparently didn't graduate from primary school
  5. would you mind reporting back on what BJ had to say about it all
  6. empathy and compassion for what? it is a well known people trafficking route and has been for decades. get into Malaysia, cross an easily corrupted and porous border and try to fly to Europe usually destroying and flushing docs on the flight there. that method costs a lot of money and it isn't poor genuine refugees taking it. the same as many of the boats arriving in the UK. Iranians with money take the route whilst the poor economic migrants can't? is that also right then that they should jump the queue as they have more money than others. they passed through Malaysia so clearly aren't genuine refugees either. terrorist organisations are often very well funded so a great way for them to move there brain dead puppets around too. I think your empathy and compassion is misplaced but we are all individuals with our own beliefs I guess.
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