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  1. I specify 'long-time' visas because people on such visas (have usually spent/deposited a lot of money here and/or have loved ones here) typically have quite a bit to lose if they get in trouble in this country. I'm not old enough for retirement visa, and I'm thinking about maybe getting married officially in the future. But part of me hesitates for the reason that....i fear any little dispute with someone (a person driving recklessly on sidewalks, blatantly cutting in line, etc.) can risk a situation whereby there's police involvement and possible charges and expulsion...and the
  2. Amid your legion exploits, can't you spare some wee effort to get your lil' buddy a partner?
  3. You guys have given me a lot of info here. Thank you. I will read over these posts a few times more in the coming days. I expect Mom & Dad to pull through. But seeing as how they keep fixing on the inheritance subject, I figure I owe it to them to try to learn a bit. And if this pandemic stuff ever ends, maybe they can come visit me. I'd like to see them!
  4. Mom & Dad (in USA) are scared the COVID is gonna take them out. This prospect keeps them going on about the subject of inheritance. If they wanna hook me up, I ain't gonna turn them down. But, at the same time, I really don't want to have to leave Southeast Asia in this lifetime. So I wish to ask: Is it possible to collect inheritance from overseas? And could I sell the house from overseas too? (To my knowledge, I'm the sole beneficiary.)
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