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  1. Can I cross at a land border with a tourist visa in the same calendar year as my 2 visa-exempt land crossings ? Or is the yearly limit 2 land-border crossings period ?
  2. I was recently told at a Vietnamese consulate that obtaining 90-day tourist visas have become more difficult recently. Is this true? Or is it based on the particular consulate? From what I'd read previously on TV, I was under the impression that Vietnam was a more visa-friendly alternative to Thailand. Is it still easy to extend visas once inside Vietnam ? Or has that changed ?
  3. I can read & write basic Thai. My accent is probably quite goofy, but I can make myself understood most of the time. Problem is: I can't hear this language to save my life. (for what it's worth, i'm a pretty young guy and my hearing is not impaired) Is hearing Thai more difficult than speaking, reading, or writing for you guys ? I've found that when farlang speak Thai on TV or YouTube, I can understand them much better than when Thai speak Thai... This might sound a bit silly, but I'm just being honest.... Do others have a similar viewpoint ?
  4. How come there are often about 10 Thai words in a row with no spaces between any of them ? I asked a college-educated Thai family. They basically said that's just how it is. No specific reason given. This lack of spacing definitely makes reading comprehension more difficult for us. But does it also make comprehension more difficult for Thai people ? An alumna of a top-three Thai university told me flat out: "Thai people don't like to read." Kinda seems that way. And I somewhat suspect it has something to do with this lack of spacing....Aside from any possible issues with comprehension, I don't see how it could be enjoyable to have to process 85 consecutive letters without a single space, and then repeat the process every two lines for like 300 pages. What do you guys think ?
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