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  1. Nothing new Did the bus driver have his lights turned on? I know his lights were turned off because he was was asleep.
  2. You ever hear the song " My old man man was a dustman he wore a dustmans hat" Garbage collector I think
  3. Lets all just sing a song and take this forecast with a grain of salt. a good song to sing would be (The answer my friend is blowin in the wind)
  4. If you sat beside a busy road and watched Thais drive your hair would stand up. They break the law with ease and where are the RTP mmmm nowhere to be seen and one of the magor factors apart from speeding is that thais have no patience me me me and me dies or kills someone
  5. I just announced my thai Budget in line with treh government 1 trillion for defence 1 trillion for schools hospitals and infurstructure and 1 trillion no account need ed (special needs) for Generals and government ministers
  6. All in a day on Thai Roads Glad no one was killed but there will be a better accident in store i am sure of it Lets have another meeting to see how we can bring down the road toll
  7. Sad more die. Only one winner when train hits car I dont think i want to say anything anymore The killing will go on and the police will still be sitting in their huts playinngs cards. RIP guys. I am sorry but I only blame one group for the slaughter on the roads and i dont care if they have a thousand meetings on how to stop the killing The only solution is Make the cops do their job? Maybe they could not stopped this one but hundreds more they could of
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