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  1. Well they seem to have all the cash Bill England has no money and i was reading an interesting fact.America owes the Chinese a lot of money they borrowed from them. Trillions They say if China called in its debt america would be bankrupt
  2. Heavey rains forecast Oops I was looking at bright blue skies today in Ubon Oh well the thought was there Keeep trying boys at weather bureau
  3. Thailand land of smiles and money grabbers. If you dont keep your wits about you they got you . But I dam sure i would not migrate to Trhailand at 79
  4. Yeah brakes is a bit stale or falling asleep behind the wheel getting abit stale also So give the steering failure a run for a while. Of coarse we know Thais are great drivers so it cant be anything else can it?
  5. Good to see things are getting back to normal in Thailand. Thought there was a curfew in place or isitjust another law not adhered to by certain members of the Thai population
  6. Another misunderstanding by this guy when the army chief was saying he will reform the army habits in 90 days he meant 900 days. Telling porkies by the Military is just common language in their book
  7. She was probably a bit tired after having the b/f around all afternoon/.Well done wife What do these men think of after been drinking. Lucky it was only his fingers and not his other thingLOL
  8. Stand down 200,000 troops you dont need them People are suffering and these fools just keep on going Why dont half of them stand down also?
  9. 9.000 baht Why so much? So i take it these asistants will be all Thai people or Philipinos
  10. Everybody has been talking about the virus and forgot about the bad Thai drivers. No 1 Killer In Thailand and they have a police force that just stands by and watches it. I was actualy driving in the rain in ubon The speed limit is 80 klms . I was driving say around 60 klms because visibilty was very poor But the idiots flying past me had to be doing over 100Klms Coffins on wheels i call them
  11. Ok I think that is great about the vacccine. I am no doctor but i have been reading about the virus. Virus are a tough bunch I must say They adapt very quickly to new vaccines. That is why it is to hard to find a cure for the common cold. They get one cure up pops another virus. So they might find acure for this one and along comes another. I made this point again. Since 2010 when records were kept on how many people die from influenza every year in this world and that number is well over 600,000
  12. What a joke Thai Tv. I got a better suggestion Make avideo showing Thais how to drive properly on the road, know the rules, and stop being inpatient.See always an excuse why there was a accident He went down to pick up his water bottle. More like I was playing on my phone
  13. My step daughter will be most upset when university starts. That means she will actually have to get out of her bed and get off theMobile and go to class.Or is that a "pie in the sky" and when she goes to university she still sleeps in and gets on the phone all day. Classes are just a minor distraction lol
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