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  1. Yes it is exciting watching Thais get <deleted> out of their minds and throwing water about 2 days would of been enough Half the idiots throwing water dont even know what songran means but its a great excuse not to go to work. We all know how much thais love going to work dont we?
  2. What about some jail time for this creep or does he get off because he is a teacher? Last time i looked Molesting a cild under16 is a crime or is it not in Thailand? 3 charges i can see here 1/ Moesting a child 2/Rape 3/Cardinal Knowledge 20 years Jail time in my books
  3. Touching story he sits on the beach with her for a month because he is love with her. Touching but being the person I am since living here for a number of years as soon as he flies out she be sitting on the beach with another guy haha
  4. I just sit back and watch the sideshow unfold. Funny you know they makes these rules but does anyone of them ever be forced to obey Relax army boys you can still be in your houses at the end of 2024 haha Nothing will change relax. The whole system is rotten to the core and the poor iN Thailand suffer.
  5. Songkran is just an excuse by Thais to get <deleted> out of their heads for another 2 days . Thailand already had 23 public holidays Yeah why not have some more and let more die on the roads.
  6. Why do you think 1400 is to many I think Thailand goes by that saying "To many chiefs and not enough Indians"
  7. Yep I agree another wasted life What did this morron get? Probably a new van so he can kill some more
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