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  1. http://www.careresortchiangmai.com/ I had a friend stay there for 3 years until he passed away. I visited once a week and can only praise the Thai ladies who took care of him. The girls where nursing assistance, train nurses and a Dr where on immediate call. excellent place. john
  2. It will be nice to be able to do most of my computer work from comfort of my Laz Boy Chair. Also during the smog season I go away to the seaside for a couple of months. the hotel I use has TVs with a HDMI connection which will be very good for me. Thanks folks for all useful comments. john
  3. Quite happy with the way my iPad Pro plays on my TV. I am not a nerd just a user, looking forward to playing on TV with the Mini Mac, problems then I can afford a monitor. john Not had a new toy for a couple of years.
  4. Just ordered a Mini Mac from Apple Singapore will be delivered 17/06 to 21/06. so will get an answer then. I have been happy watching my iPad on my TV last few days and if not happy then my local dealer will get to sell me a Monitor. john
  5. Rhys at Assist Thai Visa did mine the other year, quick service. john
  6. I see the new Mini mac is getting good reviews. I have a 2012 iMac and an even older Macbook Pro, both of which I had upgraded to SSD. Talk of a new iMac next year. I am considering buying a new Mini Mac and understand that it has a HDMI slot, with this I could connect to my 4K TV and watch on a 42" screen. Is it posssible to connect to a TV or would I need to buy a dedicated computer screen ? john
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