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  1. Yeah it does not seem to happen much these days, used to be wildly report in the Press. john
  2. AS an article on this board said some years back, it's the desire for ethanol from the state gov that causes the excessive burning. The ethanol is used to make E20, E85 gas which saves the gov big money on imported oil, all about US $. john
  3. Anyone else having problems with their Set Top Box. Mine still connects and plays Movies but TV series well they are shown but no Episodes are selectable ? john
  4. Come on, Come OUT and tell us what your problem is, in my case I have added info, in yours just bullpoo. john
  5. Just been for my Brunch to one of my fav diners. In the 45 mins I was there they had over 6 Grab m/cycles arrive for take away and only one other sit down diner. john
  6. Perhaps You say it best when u say nothing at all Yes at least I have tried to pass on practical information instead of sniping. Ignorant means not knowing, unfortunate that you take a negative view. Two different places with different approaches to the same problem and two happy owners who are still in business. john
  7. I can only pass on what I know to the ignorant. Not even I claim to know all just what folks in trade want me to know. john
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