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  1. The Handyman grouting the tiles and floor in my hong nam. A knowledgeable man, he paid particular attention to the floor drain top left which he considered the point of leakage. Now no reports of leak from the room below mine. john
  2. The room below me complained of a leak. I could not understand how it could come from my room as there is a concrete floor between us. The condo manager took me to see the damage in room below, caused by leaking from a water pipe exiting my floor. I had had major work done back in 2003 when I moved into the cond. The leak was not from the shower or wash basin both done back then. The leak was traced to the Hong Nam floor drain and a local handyman came around and 'Grouted' all the tiles on the floor and paid special attention to the area around the Floor drain. Now a month on no report of water leak from room below. I paid out B1,000 for damage done and similar amount for the successful repair, good man to have on call. Here in Chiang Mai we have had several minor shakes from earthquakes over the years which I feel may have contributed. The Condo manager who I know well and trust was adamant that any leak from room above is the problem of that room owner. john
  3. Impossible to forecast future rates of exchange. Whenever story of Brexit agreement the pound stabilizes/strengthens so we will just have to wait and see. I am down over B15K/ month on my monthly income from UK, since start of Brexit, so I do sympathize. john
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