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  1. Years ago an agent was a worthwhile expense for persons in your situation. Nowadays it's a waste of money as CM Immi is so much more streamlined, friendly, and with fewer clients - For the duration of Covid travel restrictions anyway. No Sorry wrong. Very Happy spending my tinny income having a Pro do the heavy work for little old me, yous young Pups can keep CM immigration, the 5 mins I spent there last year where more that enough for me. john
  2. My sympathy to folks having problems with Thai Immigration. They drove me round the Twist (Old British saying ) years ago. For many years now I have used the services of a Professional Visa Agent here in Chiang Mai. Not expensive but takes the hassle off my shoulders, at my advanced years I do not need *&^*ing about and prefer to let a Pro do the business for me. john
  3. Saturday night we had heavy rain in CM. My Set Top box would not work, no downloads from Net. I Called Si net and they sent 2 tech on Monday morning. After a hour they told me my Internet card in my iMac was defective and would need replacing. I called Magic and the owner agreed to come around my place that night. He spent an hour checking and told me problem was my Norton security was interfering with my Download. O aked him to deactivate Norton, Now back to normal service. Very good people to deal with. 2 Speedtest before and after. john
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