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  1. I think the way TL breaks up the dialogue (as seen on this link) seems pretty accurate. I feel that บ้าง in this phrase can be translated as at all (or any). See the image below for more examples of the use of บุญคุณ. It is often translated as expressing or owing gratitude (an expression of gratitude seems often to be translated as นึกในบุญคุณ) . I think he asking his close friend (นาย) whether the third-party (เธอ) he is referring to feels any debt of gratitude at all (บ้าง). I've often seen นาย used to refer the interlocutor when the parties are close. In this sentence, it seems to fit in with the other slang and informal, matey vocabulary. I'm guessing that the ellipsis is the translator trying to make sense of phrase that he doesn't fully understand.
  2. The best I could come up with, with help from TL Bulk Translation, is this, although I'm not at all convinced that it is correct: (These days) does she feel any sense of debt towards you at all... ...order in the issue of you getting closer to her? I think นาย here is used a 2nd person pronoun, not as a reference to the boss. In the second part, it looks as though the translator may have misunderstood "in order" and translated it literally as "order in (คำสั่งภาย)". So my translation of the second part is a literal translation back to English of what I believe might be a mistranslation from English. This is the English original on Longdo, for anyone following the thread:
  3. That's fine. It wouldn't be problem for me. I thought you were talking about showing them documentation from your home country.
  4. Agreed, but I'm all for reducing keystrokes, tab-switching, and typing. Since Longdo introduced the subtitles database, and I've had the script, I look up far more words than I used to (and I used to look up a lot ).
  5. That's excellent news. I think the toothing problem reports were the ones I'd seen, especially the recent one in which the guy was asked for insurance, showed some travel insurance, and was then allowed in.
  6. Exactly, which is why I went the OA route this time. The pound-baht exchange rate was a 10-year low when I had to make the decision, so I went for on OA, thus avoiding the need to bring in another 800k. If that's the case, then great. I thought I'd read of mixed-results when people either tried to re-enter on a still-valid OA, or asked Immigration what would happen if they tried to re-enter. I could be wrong though. It's difficult to keep track of all of the reports and reports of reports.
  7. It think TL probably has higher quality examples, although there are fewer of them. Some of their material is also from real-world examples. For example they use a lot of the material from the extemporised monologues at aakanee.com. This is my equivalent search for ให้. It takes about 3 seconds to get the pop-up. It's just a little AutoHotKey script. It needs a bit of tweaking because it leaves a few Internet Explorer process hanging around. I'll fix it up and put it on GitHub. I've just started a little hobby YouTube channel and I'm planning on doing a video on resources for learning Thai. I'll include it in that and explain how to use it. It can also be used to create cloze deletions for Anki.
  8. Thanks. That's useful to know. "Should" being the operative word . It sounds as though what some offices really want to see is a single document confirming a pension of at least 65k per month. The further you are from having that, the more likely you are to hear "Cannot". I have a new OA so I have the option of doing a border run at the end of the year (and probably having to buy Thai insurance beforehand). As I have no idea what the immigration regulations or baht exchange-rate will be in a year's time, I'm trying to keep open as many options as possible.
  9. That's the one you want. There's a guy on here who runs a Facebook group dedicated to TransferWise. They've done some testing and have 100% success rate in having the transfer marked as international using that drop-down option and transferring to Bangkok Bank. The receiving bank has to be Bangkok Bank to be sure of success.
  10. Thanks for that. I do have those items covered. The one thing it doesn't seem possible to anticipate is whether or not they will inquire into where the funds came from. As far as I know, there is nothing on their websites about providing them with documentation about that, of course that doesn't mean that they won't require documentation.
  11. I'm on an OA. I was previously on a retirement, using the 800k method. This year, I'm going to start bringing 65k monthly to give me more options when it is time to extend. For the 800k, they wanted proof that it was an international transfer, but there was no requirement for me to tell them where I got the funds from.
  12. I am in the first month of the twelve, so I can transfer it wherever I need to. I've made one transfer to Bangkok, but I can make another to Kasikorn. I'm aware that the transfer must be marked as international. From what I've read, using transferwise to transfer to Bangkok Bank, the transfer is guaranteed to marked as international, providing that you select the correct option from the drop-down when making the transfer. My query to OJAS was more concerned with Immigration wanting information about the provenance of the funds. I am transferring my own money. It is not a pension.
  13. Could you expand on this "including home country currency debits"? I read in another thread that some offices won't accept a transfer from your own account in your own country. I'm trying to understand what they actually want to see. I'm in Bangkok, but all information is helpful.
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