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  1. Right. I have a retirement extension, so I have plenty of options. I'd just prefer the OA if I can get it without too much hassle.
  2. I'll need a new visa within a few months. If a way opens up to make a relatively painless return trip to the UK, I'll get an OA. It would be a year after that before I'd need to leave the country. Two years after getting the visa, I'd go back to the UK and get another one. During that two years the 800k is mine to do with as I please. It will be completely up to me how much I keep in my Thai accounts and how much I keep elsewhere. It's just a choice. Other people prefer to do things differently.
  3. The advantage of the OA is that you only need to have 800k in a bank in your own country for a couple of months before you apply for the visa. Once you get the visa, you can go for two years without needing to get an extension or get a new visa. You don't need to lock up any money a Thai bank. The disadvantage is the insurance.
  4. Yes, but you can go for two years without an extension. The OA visa is valid for one-year, no extensions required. The unusual aspect of it is that every time you leave the country during that first year, when you come back in you have another year added. So if you leave in the eleventh month, you have almost two years in total without needing an extension and without have had to shown any funds other than those that you showed at the beginning to get the visa.
  5. No, you have to have it in a bank account in your own country before you apply for the visa. It has to be there for either one or three months, I can't remember which. After that you can take the money out and do what you want with it. You don't need any money in Thailand at any point.
  6. Right, but my point is that you can get two years in Thailand by just showing that you have had 800k in a bank account for (from memory) one month. After that there is no requirement to show anything further for two years. At the end of those two years you can leave the country and repeat the process.
  7. The OA is valid for one year with no extensions. If you leave the country in the twelfth month, and return before the first year expires, you are are stamped in for another year, so you get two years with no extensions. After that the OA is expired. You can apply for an O or leave the country and get another OA.
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