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  1. 1 minute ago, ScotlandtheBrave said:

    Tried to register on ThailandIntervac site yesterday and five required fields were inoperative. Tried again just now and four of them worked but the last one, sub-district, was again not working. Seriously frustrating, to put it mildly.

    I could see values in the sub-district field, but they were incorrect, so I just chose any one. TBH, I don't think it is important that you enter you address correctly. As long as your passport and age are correct, you'll probably be okay. They're not going to check the addresses of tens or hundreds of thousands of people.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Harry2 said:

    Well I just logged in at 12.10. For Astra I checked all 3 hospitals for 3 months & no dates showing (except Phayathai 24 & 25 June but no doses). Anybody anything different?

    I just managed to get a booking for the End of June, AstraZeneca at Phyathai2. The difference between the available and non-available dates is not very clear on the calendar. They've also added a count of available vaccines on each day. If you click on a date, it shows the count of available vaccines under the calendar. There were a couple of hundred available on the day I chose.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


    I shudder to wonder, could it be another of the possible Thai website hosting deals where it only works properly if you're using MS IE, and gets funky if you're using Firefox,  Chrome, etc??? When I did mine, it was via Firefox.


    It's certainly a possibility.  I guess there's also a possibility that you guys who have been told to wait for an email are in a better position than those of us who are unable to select a date. At least you're in the queue to be given a date. The 1970 date just means the programmers haven't set things up properly. That date is what you get if you have zeros in a date field.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, rwill said:

    I got to the part where you select what vaccine, hospital, and date you want.  But no eligible dates show up for any of the combinations of vaccine and hospital.

    At first it took several minutes for each page to load but then it got faster.  Until you get to select a date which shows no availability.


    OMG.   As soon as I took this screenshot available dates showed up.

    Have you been able to book a date and time?

  5. 3 hours ago, EricTh said:

    I've looked at a few videos from Dukelanguage. It seems to be quite good especially the explanation of the ending particles.


    Never go to AUA & YMCA because those are terrible schools for foreigners who want to learn more than just the basics.


    Duke is definitely one of the top schools in the country for foreign learners. The guy presenting those videos is the principal. He's the author of Read Thai in Ten Days.



  6. 19 hours ago, gearbox said:

    To create a new cryptocurrency one has to have certain skills and abilities in programming.

    If you don't mind paying a few hundred dollars, there are sites that will create a you a coin in a couple of minutes. 



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  7. 18 minutes ago, Denim said:



    They're launching a cryptocurrency.  Apparently, it was launched previously but somebody ran off with all of the money. They say this time they're going to make sure charities are helped. 


    One thing that strikes me is that it seems to be completely anonymous. The only contact they have is a Telegram account.

  8. https://lungtoo.com/

    Don't know what to make of this! From the whitepaper it seems that there has been one rugpull, but this time it will be different.



    LUNGTOO was originally created as an RFI fork, to have a burn mechanic, and locked liquidity. The project exploded, as the popularity of these recent tokenomics, becoming a millions dollar market cap almost immediately. The original developer panicked with excitement, sold all of his tokens and renounced ownership of the contract. This is known in the crypto community as a softrug. However due to the code in the LUNGTOO contract, the liquidity is locked on PCS, so instead of taking a loss of their original investment and admitting defeat, the community took over and is now running the project.

    While devastated, the team realized after talking with one other, that this type of thing happens too often. People look to help a project long-term and then immediately lose all of their money. So instead of becoming a quick pump and dump, the community has decided to give back to the less fortunate by donating to charity. LUNGTOO will be using the predominant amount of the transaction tax to fund a donation wallet. As the wallet and market cap of the project grows, this LUNGTOO will be converted into USD and transferred into charities of the community's choice. This is what sets LUNGTOO apart from the rest of the BSC chain. It is a true community token, not only by governance and holding, but by giving back to the people without the same opportunity. We're here for the long term, and we're here to be Happy Helping!




    40 minutes ago, fdsa said:

    Do you really need to write anything there? Most useful information is many years old and accessible without registration.

    That forum is half dead already, filled with thousands of indian and russian bots promoting scam coins, and there is no moderation or administration to delete obvious bots and fake accounts.



    I think you're right. I've thought better of it.

  10. 10 minutes ago, Crossy said:

    If you pay and get access, then next time you log on from a different Thai IP will they again demand payment? You may wish to get confirmation from the forum Admin before paying anything.


    Yeah, that was my concern.  I would imagine that once you have a validated account, you shouldn't have to pay again. It's not really possible to ask an Admin until you've paid to join. Another alternative would be to try to join with a different email address and username from my phone, rather than via my router, or via VPNs. I don't really wan the hassle. 


    I'm not desperate to join, but the cost seems to be virtually nothing, so if joining is just a case of a couple of extra clicks (to send some bitcoin),  I'm okay with that. I just wanted to be sure there is nothing I'm missing. 

  11. I signed up to bitcointalk.org and was greeted with a request to send them a negligible amount of bitcoin. Should I send it? I've had problems in the past when trying to edit Wikipedia from a Thai IP, so it could well be that Thai addresses have caused problems on bitcointalk.org too. Is there any reason not to send the bitcoin? 



  12. 51 minutes ago, WaveHunter said:

    I'm reading this thread in its' entirety because I also am interested in putting money in BitCoin while living here in Thailand


    51 minutes ago, WaveHunter said:

    one of the key features of a blockchain supported currency is that it can not be manipulated by central banks


    I'm in a similar situation to you. I've been reading up on crypto for a couple of days and it's apparent that you need to tread very carefully. For example, you can't print bitcoins, but you can create new coins, hype them, then, when people start to buy them, sell your holding at a big profit, leaving the price to crash behind you. 

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  13. 7 minutes ago, Heng said:


    Yeah, that was embarrassing for them.  But should be clarified that their customer database was hacked, not the Ledger wallet tech itself.  To each his/her own, but I would trust a device (phone, tablet or computer) that I have personally formatted to be 'virgin' over something that I order from Amazon to store my crypto.     

    Yeah, I'm sure the Ledger team is completely separate from the e-commerce team. If I were holding significant amounts of crypto, I'd consider one, but I'd buy it directly from them, not from a third-party (despite the leak).


    I've spent a couple of days reading up on all-things crypto and have come across some incredible scams and blunders. I'm sure they're all well-known to the old-hands. 

    Forgets password to unlock $210 million crypto.

    Youtuber loses $2million to hackers during livestream.

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  14. I guess this is old news but Ledger were hacked. Later one million emails addresses and 250000 physical addresses were dumped onto a hacking site. Since then there are lots of phishing scams circulating along the lines of "You will know that our database was hacked, please go to this site to change your 24 words...". I guess in the worst case scenario, it would also let burglars know which houses to target.

  15. On 3/18/2021 at 11:54 AM, fdsa said:

    you could sell anywhere you want. Many people profit from buying coins on large exchanges and reselling them to other people on peer-to-peer exchanges with 3-10% higher rate.

    Why do people buy on peer-to-peer exchanges at a 3-10% premium?  Are they people who can't, for some reason, get an account at a larger exchange?

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