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  1. 5 hours ago, Oxx said:

    And Thai's vocabulary isn't "huge".  It's actually quite small.  The RID has 20,002 entries. 

    A quick google search suggests that the average native English speaker has a vocabulary of around 20,000 words, so that is indeed surprisingly small.

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  2. It's well worth checking out. There aren't really any cons. It doesn't cost anything and there are a lot of Thais wanting to exchange for English. Best thing is to just join and give it a try. Initial contact is by messaging on the app, but you can always arrange to speak to them after you've exchanged a few messages. I think it has built-in video-calling or you can exchange Skype or Line ids.

  3. On 9/17/2020 at 2:55 AM, bodga said:

    they tried something  like this  years  ago if  you spent 3  million on a  condo   except  no permanent residence, I have 7  in my Wife's  name guess they wont  let me  be permanent then!

    Later they  will change the rules leaving owners high and dry after theyve  suckered them in and theyve spent their  cash. just  like last time.

    What happened last time? 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Oxx said:


    Ask yourself whether you can really read and write.  Can you read a Thai daily newspaper? Could you write a shortish essay? If not, you can't really read and write, but are simply decoding, and probably slowly.  And if you can comfortably do both, than UTL is not for you.  Similarly, if you don't want to be that highly literate in Thai, again, UTL is not for you.

    Good questions. I'll go along and let them asses my ability. That will put me in a better position to know whether they are right for me.

  5. 50 minutes ago, Oxx said:

    Thanks for the info, reading through the website and the thread you linked, it looks like there is a heavy emphasis on reading and writing. Would you agree? I can read and write, and I tend to feel that they are skills that can be practiced just as well outside of the classroom environment. I was also looking at AUA, which as far as I can tell uses a methodology at the other extreme, with much emphasis on being exposed to "real" spoken Thai. I guess I should check them both out. 

  6. On 4/16/2020 at 5:56 AM, Oxx said:

    Why would this be a requirement? It's simply not necessary.  The better schools in Bangkok (i.e. those using the Union method) teach solely in Thai.  I studied effectively full time (4 hours/day + homework) for 18 months at one such school, and I don't know whether any of the teachers could speak English or not.

    Do you mind sharing which one it was?  I guess considering you stayed with them for that length of time, you were happy with them.

  7. 28 minutes ago, Martyp said:

    When you apply your next 1 year extension they will examine your bank passbook for the past year. If you didn’t keep a minimum balance of 400,000 then you have not met the financial requirements for the past year and your application for the next year will be denied. The same with the monthly income method. If you did not deposit at least 65,000 baht each month then you will not be able to get the next year extension. You will have to start over with a new visa.


    As has been mentioned, Jomtien is an exception. There is a 90 day check of your bank balance but it is not the same as a 90 day report. Two separate things.

    Thanks. So presumably that means once you start with an agent, you're locked into using them for subsequent extensions.  

  8. 6 minutes ago, Max69xl said:

    As far as I know, no. I showed my 800k in the bank 90 days after my last extension. At Jomtien Immigration they call it "90 days check". The female officer behind the desk took the 4 required copies looked through them maybe 10 seconds, looked up,smiled and said "you can go now". After that no one has mentioned the 400k I need to have. 

    So you've done 90-day checks without showing your bankbook? I think this may be one of those thing that varies from office to office, or even IO to IO.

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  9. 6 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

    For the initial 3 months non imm O and 12 month extension it's 21k, the subsequent yearly extensions are 12.5k. The cost is fine if you have better things to do with 800k or don't want to play their monthly transfer game

    Which office do you use? I've read some accounts of having to show proof of 400k in the bank at 90-day reports. How is that handled if you use an agent?

  10. 5 hours ago, tgeezer said:

    Thanks those are good points.

    The Thai in these sites is often a complete muddle until I read the English but in this case the English was no help.  

    I think that we always have to start at the end to translate. 

    If ไม๊ means ไหม short for หรือไม่ (or not) then บ้างไหม

     บ้าง modifies นึกถึงบุญคุณ think of the favours somewhat  (to a moderate amount) 

    Time clauses usually come first in prose if important so ทุกวันนี้ expands on ให้,  everyday.   

    Spitting up the sentence: 

    เธอนึกถึงบุญคุณ. You/him/ her thinks of favours. 

    ที่=บุญคุณ(ชอง)นายให้เธอได้ favours he gives you/he/her to get 

    ทุกวันนี้ everyday

    บ้างไหม somewhat or not? 

    Who is doing what for whom ? Only the translator knows because they presumably have the complete story. 

    As to นาย ; to caddies at a golf course every golfer is นาย in both the 2nd pp.and the 3Rd pp. 

    There are other service providers who have a นาย. So from my experience the speaker is referring to any extra goodness done to เธอ by นาย . However names do not alter the literal translation.   


    What do you make of the dots separating the parts, don’t they usually mean another utterance supporting the first? If so they are both in question form.  

    I like your assessment of the translator getting in order so wrong it fits the bill I think.  นายมีบุญคุณต่อเธอเพื่อมิตร์จิด 


    I would translate it thus: Does ‘pronoun” not think somewhat of the good deeds the nai does for the ‘pronoun’ everyday? 

    Does he not do it in order to get closer to the pronoun? 

    My conclusion would be that as an example of บุญคุณ the translation only confuses, because it has บุญคุณ as a sacrifice which  provides only, yet another not very helpful equivalent English word. 

    I think the way TL breaks up the dialogue (as seen on this link) seems pretty accurate.  I feel that บ้าง in this phrase can be translated as at all (or any). See the image below for more examples of the use of บุญคุณ. It is often translated as expressing or owing gratitude (an expression of gratitude seems often to be translated as นึกในบุญคุณ) . I think he asking his close friend (นาย) whether the third-party (เธอ) he is referring to feels any debt of gratitude at all (บ้าง). I've often seen นาย  used to refer the interlocutor when the parties are close. In this sentence, it seems to fit in with the other slang and informal, matey vocabulary. I'm guessing that the ellipsis is the translator trying to make sense of phrase that he doesn't fully understand.



  11. The best I could come up with, with help from TL Bulk Translation, is this, although I'm not at all convinced that it is correct: (These days) does she feel any sense of debt towards you at all... ...order in the issue of you getting closer to her?  I think นาย here is used a 2nd person pronoun, not as a reference to the boss. In the second part, it looks as though the translator may have misunderstood "in order" and translated it literally as "order in (คำสั่งภาย)".  So my translation of the second part is a literal translation back to English of what I believe might be a mistranslation from English. 


    This is the English original on Longdo, for anyone following the thread:




  12. 30 minutes ago, thailandsgreat said:

    (In TL one can naturally highlight by searching the webpage:

    Agreed, but I'm all for reducing keystrokes, tab-switching, and typing. Since Longdo introduced the subtitles database, and I've had the script, I look up far more words than I used to (and I used to look up a lot 😀 ).

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  13. 8 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:

    Since the Nov 7 IO Big Boss meeting clarifying that entering Thailand with

    - a non-expired pre Oct 31 issued OA Visa

    does NOT require health-insurance, there has been not 1 single report of entrants being denied the 1 year permission of stay they are entitled to.

    Indeed, some 'toothing problems' have been reported of seemingly insecure Immigration officials still asking for health-insurance, but if you do not have it - as it is not required -, after some deliberation with their IO colleagues, those queried have all been stamped in for the full year they are entitled to.

    So presently (we are day 22 of the implementation!) it is safe to say that it is NOT required on entry.

    That's excellent news.  I think the toothing problem reports were the ones I'd seen, especially the recent one in which the guy was asked for insurance, showed some travel insurance, and was then allowed in. 

  14. 13 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:

    If you are on a 'new OA' I presume that its validity date has not expired yet.  Exiting and re-entering Thailand  before the OA validity date expires provides you again with a 1 year permission to stay, allowing you to squeeze almost 2 years out of your OA Visa. 

    E.g. an OA Visa issued July 2019, will when - timed right - allow you to stay in Thailand till July 2021.

    Exactly, which is why I went the OA route this time. The pound-baht exchange rate was a 10-year low when I had to make the decision, so I went for on OA, thus avoiding the need to bring in another 800k.



    And it's only when your extension of stay is due, that the health-insurance requirement will kick in.

    If that's the case, then great. I thought I'd read of mixed-results when people either tried to re-enter on a still-valid OA, or asked Immigration what would happen if they tried to re-enter. I could be wrong though. It's difficult to keep track of all of the reports and reports of reports.

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  15. 12 hours ago, thailandsgreat said:

    This is a search for "remind" in TL, some "hai" are highlighted in red. My Thai is very rudimentary and when listening to apps the hai:s seemingly strike into the sentences like lightning from a clear sky.

    It think TL probably has higher quality examples, although there are fewer of them. Some of their material is also from real-world examples. For example they use a lot of the material from the extemporised monologues at aakanee.com. This is my equivalent search for ให้. It takes about 3 seconds to get the pop-up.





    Is your script for the subtitles open source? What is  needed to run it?


    It's just a little AutoHotKey script. It needs a bit of tweaking because it leaves a few Internet Explorer process hanging around. I'll fix it up and put it on GitHub. I've just started a little hobby YouTube channel and I'm planning on doing a video on resources for learning Thai. I'll include it in that and explain how to use it. It can also be used to create cloze deletions for Anki.



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  16. 15 hours ago, Thaidream said:

    There is no law that states the 800K for retirement or 400K for marriage has to be sent from abroad unless one converts  a VE or Tourist Visa to a Non O and then applies.

    Thanks. That's useful to know. 



    Regarding the income method- if they want to see source of funds, this should be easy to provide- since every financial transaction has some source- pension deposit; investment deposit;  rental income deposit etc .  Simple letterhead from these entities and amounts should suffice. Most people have to declare this on the yealy foreign income tax.

    "Should" being the operative word 🙂 . It sounds as though what some offices really want to see is a single document confirming a pension of at least 65k per month. The further you are from having that, the more likely you are to hear "Cannot".


    I have a new OA so I have the option of doing a border run at the end of the year (and probably having to buy Thai insurance beforehand). As I have no idea what the immigration regulations or baht exchange-rate will be in a year's time, I'm trying to keep open as many options as possible.

  17. 12 hours ago, brianj1964 said:

    I did that bit, it said " long stay" or something similar

    That's the one you want. There's a guy on here who runs a Facebook group dedicated to TransferWise. They've done some testing and have 100% success rate in having the transfer marked as international using that drop-down option and transferring to Bangkok Bank. The receiving bank has to be Bangkok Bank to be sure of success.

  18. 2 hours ago, Peter Denis said:

    Some relevant tips when opting for the +65K monthly income method:


    Thanks for that. I do have those items covered. The one thing it doesn't seem possible to anticipate is whether or not they will inquire into where the funds came from. As far as I know,  there is nothing on their websites about providing them with documentation about that, of course that doesn't mean that they won't require documentation.

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