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  1. You do not need 65k a month if you have 800k in the bank.
  2. I laugh when I see that Express (and other VPNs) have 3000 servers in 300 countries. I only need one of each which works.
  3. Express actually has four servers, UK London, East London, Docklands and Wembley. Some work sometimes, on & off.
  4. BUGGERNATION and SORRYNATION STREET on You Tube. Absolutely hilarious, and clever.
  5. OK, give it to the local school so that they can then have a slow computer.
  6. Storage of what? You already said that the 500GB WD is more than enough. And especially when you have One Drive cloud storage included in W10, and Google Drive with every Gmail account you open. It's like keeping your old tyres, for WHAT?
  7. Windows Defender in W10 should do that if up to date.
  8. Make sure he gets another 4GB strip, same make & model as first, so dual channel technology can happen.
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