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  1. So if you do it early, you lose some days, but if you do it late you DO NOT gain any!
  2. I do not understand your answer. I DID do small transactions close together and no red flag was raised. And as for 'instant' transfers via Wise, I tried £50 at 5am this morning...........it will take 5 hours, no mention of reason to send.
  3. Slow machines then. Mine took less than 5 minutes with re-boot. i5, 8GB RAM, SSD.
  4. So from where is the connection fee funded please?
  5. Maybe because it is a business account. I did £300 twice this week with no problems.
  6. KannikaP


    I have a machine standing in the corner of the lounge, and a wine stopper in the kitchen drawer, both unused! LOL
  7. Sorry I tried to help.
  8. That could be the problem, a 12 year old OS.
  9. The Bht 207 is for 5 pieces. So you have spares for when they eventually (inevitably) break. And it looks like you could specify the size and colour.
  10. On my Mitsubishi Mr Slims, you cannot set a temperture for the dehumidify function. So your aircon is on from 8pm to midnight?
  11. Tapper 6.5% Bht 52 a can, cheaper by the case from Makro.
  12. Can you actually turn the A/C on WITHOUT the fan? I think not.
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