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  1. <deleted>! King of your castle man, my way or the highway more then one fish in the sea......
  2. Maybe A couple hundred baht or less cell phone repair kit on lazada. Youtube videos by make model how to open phone if neccessary w hair dryer and remove components if needed to get at battery. Never tried it, but bought the tools in case I want to play dr frankenstein w an old phone.
  3. If you plan on staying in thailand a laptop would have both thai and english symbols on kybd. Useful for resale, trade in later. Or for giving to any girlfriend or thai family later, should you wish to upgrade. Pricewise, not much difference I would buy here in thailand.
  4. The easiest most inexpensive way is as follows: via bangkok bank nyc routing number. If from US gov agency, you set up a direct deposit account. If your branch is confused go to main bangkok office they know all details. A direct deposit account comes with no debit card, and you must withdraw funds in person at any bangkok bank branch. This is to satisfy U.S law. You can open a second account that will have a debit card, and xfr all your funds at the counter to second account. Easy. Cheap.
  5. Most all high end grocery stores found in the large shopping malls Rimping, topps, villa, or gourmet market, as well as Makro stores sell vacuum sealed high quality steaks from NZ and AUS.
  6. So many jumpers, luckily, there is always a single witness at the ready.
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