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  1. I had a Ninja 250 in the USA a few years before coming to Thailand. Very fast for a small cc bike. On the smooth Highways of Georgia Cruising at 100 mph was like a human bullet flying through clouds. They are made to really run great on a high RPM. I think I had a 2011 bike? And very fast off the mark. Especially after its hot and you have that oil heated up nice! I road once from Atlanta to Miami and was on freeway the whole way at 90 mph. easy

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  2. I think it is worth promoting Thai destinations to Thai people, as I would assume that those Thai having that kind of disposable income would have likely been off to Korea or Japan for a getaway. As that is currently not possible perhaps they might travel inside Thailand, however, I am not sure how this would be quantified, nor do I think it would make up for the loss. It could perhaps ease some local pain if these somewhat affluent Thai spend.

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  3. On 5/8/2020 at 11:52 PM, YTP said:

    Not sure, but I believe civil engineering is reserved for Thais unless you have a recognized license.


    Furthermore, I am also not sure if ASEAN nationals have special privileges with regard to the above or not.  


    Anyway, something to check before solidifying your plans.  Good luck.

    Begin with Thai immigration website and read everything that pertains to you and your needs.

  4. 2 hours ago, Ventenio said:

    First, ask yourself, "why are these guys going to Thailand?"


    1.  women

    2.  escape

    3.  forget

    4.  money problems

    5.  start over

    6.  not think

    7.  die


    if you want a true friend, you should have the same passions.  Well, that's usually 10000000x easier between the ages of 0-30.  Then people get married, kids, and less passions.  So you can join clubs and all that...might help.  


    the problem is...if he does have the same passion as you, he might still have a bigger problem on the list (see above).  then that creates worse drama than being alone.


    when in rome......yea, find a girl, 2, 3, try to relax.....if this isn't your thing, think about another country.  



    I got about 5 of those. I notice finding new men to hang out with isn't on the list.

  5. 54 minutes ago, rumak said:

    I demand 100 percent sincerity and integrity..... and an IQ  over 75.


     all three in one person hard to find .   usually takes me about half hour to see which

    traits are missing


    more seriously:   casual friendships with some thais,  and some farangs, I have.

    There is a reason that even thai people do not want to get "too friendly" with

    neighbors, etc.    Maybe the same reason that farangs have with other farangs.

    The initial friendliness somehow changes as we get to know each other better.

    "familiarity breeds contempt"   .    BTW:  this saying originated in the 1300's !!


    Isn't that saying usually used when applied to Superior Subordinate relationships like Officer and His men? Or in other authoritarian relationships like the corporate ladder?


    "Familiarity breeds contempt"


    Not something I ever hear applied to friendships.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, simple1 said:

    No threat, just a suggestion. Your words are below which IMO are a personal attack - no further comment on this matter.


    You are exhibiting a feigned pretend outrage which is fed to you by a propaganda machine. And likely serve antiAmerican interests anyway in my view.

    You didnt quote me with proper quotes - and that is not what you quoted in your original post which exists for all to see.... a quote directly on my CNN view. so cut the <deleted> man!

  7. 11 minutes ago, mauGR1 said:

    I am glad to know that everything is fine for you.

    Perhaps you have to concede that there are billions on this planet who are poorer than you.

    I am not predicting anything, i am just expecting troubles to happen, perhaps in one month or one week, who knows.

    Relax and enjoy, if you think that everything will be fine, good for you, i hope you are right 😉

    Yeah well if you are not predicting anything....then perhaps you should not predict riots.


    And enough with the implying that to not predict riots means I am not cognizant that there are poor in this world. A cheap trick. And a dirty one.

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  8. 16 hours ago, simple1 said:

    Suggest you put a stop to personal attacks.

    I should not be threatened by another poster because that poster considers it personal to see CNN attacked, which is exactly what you quoted from me. 


    So please do not threaten me about personal attacks, presumably for moderator benefit, because you feel personally threatened by my clear negative views on the worthiness of CNN as a news organization.


    That is not a personal attack against you. To attempt to frame it as such with a warning - to me - is simply wrong!

  9. 18 minutes ago, mauGR1 said:

    My post is very general, but reading comments on social media, as much as you can despise them, can give one the impression that many people are already fuming, for lack of freedom, money and in poorer countries even food.

    No riots yet, as far as i know, i hope i'm just being overtly pessimistic.

    Riots where? X2 Your prediction not mine. You are using the word RIOT. As if... YOU anticipate riots. So do you? Or are you simply fanning an idea that violence is coming? So where should I expect this violence?


    Look out your window. Is it calm and peaceful ? Or is the tension overwhelming, the smell of blood in the air?


    It's calm and peaceful here. And yes, people are all ready for the lockdowns to end, and for a return to normalcy. But not sensing any underlying current of violence ready to burst forth.


    So why are you seeing things different? It is you using the language that says violence is ready to spring forth. So once more where?

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  10. 15 hours ago, xylophone said:

    Quite how these people believe their own rubbish is alarming, almost like a sect preaching that the earth is flat, whereas we know it is not, and I quote this because it seems right on the button......


    British writer Andrew O'Hagan said of Trump, "What we're witnessing is a supernatural communal turn towards something deeply sinister. He summons everything that's worst about the American character and sells it back to them as virtue....They could really go for this guy. He appeals directly to something vengeful and self-loathing in the American character. They look at that guy and see a reflection of something very essential to themselves. That is a frightening energy. And it could get out of control”.


    And CNN has over 180 reporters and correspondents!

    The British writer should worry about Britain and the rebuilding of the British Navy

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  11. 15 hours ago, sirineou said:

    You are insane too

    If I was I suppose I would just swallow the three year illegal attempt to remove a President from office as normal.


    I would considered faked Dossiers normal


    I would consider the Speaker of the House claiming the President is a Russian agent as Normal


    I would think that former heads of intel services being on the CNN MSNBC payroll as normal


    I would think spying on a presidential campaign normal


    I would think a predawn CNN FBI raid on Roger Stone is business as usual and normal


    I would think no found correspondance between Clinton and Stevens in Bengazzi is normal


    I would think that a political party calling a Supreme Court nominee a serial gang rapist without evidence as normal.


    Nah I am quite sane and cogent in my thinking.

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  12. 15 hours ago, simple1 said:

    CNN quoted trump's own words, not a democrat. CNN has a reporter allocated to WH briefings -   Acosta - though trump did at one time try to ban him for asking relevant questions which trump found uncomfortable.


    Suggest you put a stop to personal attacks.

    Acosta is not a reporter he is a Democrat propagandist working for a provider of propaganda. Review him over 3 years or so and this becomes painfully obvious. He is not an independent minded objective journalist. Not a Reporter. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, GinBoy2 said:

    I'm actually amazed that any overseas resident gets the payment, let alone their spouse!


    After all, isn't it designed to keep the US economy alive?


    I don't think my Thai wife will be getting the ฿5k payment from the Thai government since she lives in the US, and certainly I won't.


    Paying a 'stimulus' to someone who doesn't live, and hence spend the money in the country, seems insane to me

    An American citizen abroad is still an American citizen. That citizen could suffer the same circumstances as someone stateside so it would be difficult to exclude them. How they spend stimulus is likewise an unknown. Maybe such funds would be used to return home, help a stateside family member, by from Amazon. Maybe not, but they have made no such rules on spending.

  14. I live in Thailand. I am not a citizen. Not a legal Resident. Am on a O visa. I have no opinion on matters Thai Govt except as expressed to immediate family.


    The reason is that it does me no good to find myself angered because I have no say in Thai politics at all. No vote. No say.No input asked. None given.


    I like it this way. It's very Taoist.

    Not that I am a Taoist but like water I just keep flowing around the rocks and don't get stuck in the cracks. 


    All the screaming and yelling, but none of it is at me so why listen?


    I have family up in Isaan and my family here in Bangkok. There is no emergency taking place under my roof. All is calm. Up Northeast all are calm in the village. Family elsewhere in Local area...also cool.


    A beautiful day.

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