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  1. So, I guess your answer is no. There is no law preventing them from doing business with whomever they choose. Just like any other country can choose not to do business with the United States. But, they always do. I wonder why?
  2. Do you know of some law that says the United States is compelled to do business with those it doesn't care to?
  3. That all depends on which political party you ask. Places Americans say are allies AMONG... DEMOCRATS REPUBLICANS INDEPENDENTS Australia 4th 1st 2nd Canada 2nd 2nd 1st Britain 1st 3rd 3rd France 3rd 9th 5th Ireland 9th 6th 4th Italy 5th 4th 9th Israel 28th 5th 17th Norway 11th 13th 6th Sweden 6th 10th 12th Germany 8th 12th 7th Switzerland 7th 7th 18th New Zealand 10th 8th 8th Netherlands 12th 14th 10th Denmark 16th 11th 1
  4. A lung from China probably wouldn't be much good anyway. Sort of like a lung from Chiang Mai. Who would want it after all the pollution took its toll?
  5. They make such a big deal of catching a few overstayers. When the U.S. has over 11 million illegals in the country.
  6. Those roadblocks and check points are just money making schemes. The Mia Nois demand it.....
  7. I think most of the runners are probably workers from other asian countries. Making it easier to walk out of the hospital unnoticed. We are just the chosen to help pay their bills. Because, as always we are an easy mark.
  8. Some 7-11's even sell them.
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