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  1. Bingo. Including EXCERCISE and CAFFEINE. Ok guys, no more SPORT AND COFFE, no TEE either. Just another bs study. No, but if he wants i debate him on an open panel live on TV about this. A good ol scientific debate, let's do it. I am happy to invite a bunch of german, uk and US scientist paid out of my own money as a guests.
  2. Thanks, still funny that they charge 3x of what bangkok airways charges directly - rippoff.
  3. Thst might be, i use skyscanner usually but it doesn't show in the overview who operates the flights
  4. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20091104/Propylene-glycol-in-e-cigarettes-might-keep-us-healthy-says-researchers.aspx Far from posing a threat to our health, the propylene glycol in e cigarettes might just keep us healthy. Further studies should be done on the effects of propylene glycol to determine if it can be used successfully as a virus prevention tool. Interesting research
  5. Actually Air Asia had way better planes the last times i used them compared to Thai. All new Airbus 320neo. very nice planes for short haul and mid. Please do not group them with the Thai Airways junk, they are in fact way better -.- Costwise, we flew to maldives... 4 hour flight. Was 320 USD for AirAsia with return from DMK, same flight would have been 7XX USD with Thai from Swampy. Totally not worth it to use Thai Airways and pay 400 bucks more for a 4 hour flight just to get an older plane ...
  6. All thais i know with US visa including my Gf have 10 year B1/B2 visas. They didn't ask for it, seems standard. PS: Why do u need a visa? Esta should be enough for a 90 day holiday?
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/03/08/uk-needs-migrants-young-brits-have-bizarre-attitudes-work/ can confirm, most working in our uk office are irish and went to study in dublin or eastern europeans
  8. Glad, finally. Hope i can snatch up a few cheap properties in portugal and spain from UK citizens losing their freedom of movement
  9. ACS offshore gives you the full insurance package in europe for up to 120 days a year. Good for everyone who's from there, they also have lifetime insurance for everyone subscribing before 60 years... i am not going to switch from a reputable french company with very reasonable pricing to this thai junk -.- Think i pay 1000 usd per YEAR for their silver package and 1 mio USD/year coverage...without options, for 2k you get all the bells and whistles tho for multiple countries and 120 days in the EU... The actual insurer is Allianz in this case, ACS is only the broker imo
  10. Even if you do notice it, it's too late and you won't get a new visa, have fun trying to get your money back when you are no longer allowed in the country -.-
  11. Perfect, so allow it for a bunch of tourists but not for Thais and Expats? Hotel rooftop bar in bangkok and chiang mai that makes absolutely no noise as it's on the 30th Floor is not allowed but a <deleted>ty pattaya bear bar next to a condo will be? Dedicated party areas in bumfack nowhere like RCA where no one lives must close early? They don't annoy anyone and it's mainly Thai students going there. Just get RID of this rubbish law AND enforce the noise pollution laws. Every club/bar that does NOT annoy residents can do what they want, the rest has to close at times so people can sleep? Is that too hard to do? ... a sensible approach that works all over the world except in thailand
  12. Come back into reality. Everyone whos <deleted> up enough to smoke near his kid will not give a damn about this law, they are the same kind of people who beat and verbally abuse their offsprings. The same kind of people that get drunk at home...Report them as a kid and risk beeing beat up. What thailand needs is education, education and education! that's the only thing this solves this social problem. This whole law is about abuse and has nothing to do with smoking, why they didn't use alcoholics beating up their children as a better example is beyond me: https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/addiction/news/20101101/alcohol-more-harmful-than-crack-or-heroin#1 As well applies to skinny, fat and sporty people...careful what you wish for...
  13. These visas are so extremely limited, i have a good amount of investments in thai companies that would monetary be enough but none of these companies is "government approved" aka didn't give tmoney to someone, simply because they don't need to deal with this rubbish. Do you think companies want to deal with this kind of stuff? They have their business to run. Then the whole field is totally limited: I have for example education investments, but those don't count because apparently Thailand doesn't need better education. Do we qualify as digital because we have an education app too? Lawyers have yet to find out lol. Then there are arbitrary limitations like So if one startup goes bankrupt, i lose my visa and get kicked out? OH yeah great.... What happens if they sell out to a foreign company, i get shares in the foreign company instead or even a thai company that's not government approved? I lose my visa? The same crocked up non sense with the 10 mio THB investment visa, which only applies to new build condos or government appraised projects. So you want to build your own resort or other type of business related building/infrastructure and it doesn't apply even tho you create work places for thais - facepalm. Oh and you are not allowed to ever get a work permit with that one, not beeing able to get a work permit as an INVESTOR is kinda, hilarious? This is literally the most business unfriendly country i've put my foot in, no such rubbish in korea, japan,singapore, malaysia, mauritius and co. It's really easier to buy an elite visa and don't give thailand any money besides that, invest in thailands competition outside of thailand instead. It's hilarious, they are so anti foreigner and so arrogant, they want money money money but are not willing to give anything in return. Rant over -.- but i totally agree with @jackdd , this smart visa stuff is just another wasted opportunity and there's really nothing good in getting one
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