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  1. An absolute braindead reason, carrying your passport with you to have it stolen and to be sold to thailands notorious passport faking network just to be issued to a bunch of terrorist is extremely stupid. https://medium.com/@john.stapleton_366/thailand-worlds-centre-for-fake-passports-56e8ed0d640f If the music is too loud, you fine and/or arrest the bar owner, which is thai. It is really that easy. Problem solved. But for that the rotten cops here would have to do their jobs, of course it's easier to rip off a bunch of foreigners instead.
  2. Wrong. Thailand is dragging Thailand down. No one else.
  3. It's a party island, get over it.... There's no other purpose to go there, never was any other purpose than full moon parties etc. It's like going to ibiza, staying at playa den bossa and then complaining about drunk tourists and music - braindead.
  4. http://oxabeachkohphangan.com/ Seems to be this, weekly techno parties in a small beach bar. Human trafficking... yeah sure... so pathetic. But glad everyone sees now that no one should come to Thailand to have fun. The whole point of Phangan is electronic music parties afaik, bunch of old <deleted> playing fun police again it seems, whatever... thailand is dead a long time for party tourists anyway, everyone should know by now to stay way.
  5. Rubbish, the influenza deathrate is around 0.1% depending on the strain. So this, just using the low estimate of 2% even tho most predict it to be higher, is at least 20x more deadly, and also more infectious than influenza.
  6. Yeah they love to spend their winter in Thailand, same as western europeans, and are prolly happy the other hordes are coming fewer. One could have turned this fact into a sustainable business model - if only there was brain available in T-Hailand.
  7. I find it important to note that all these options can be combined and even be combined with pseudo holding structures. You can have a usufruct, superficies and a company all at the same time, obviously.
  8. Sounds like officially tm30 is needed, but i made a 90 day report at CW last week without having one. Thailand seems to be back to total randomness.
  9. After killing his own mother. His manifest is quite hardcore, i am not going to repeat it here but it also includes rotting of south east asia, africa, arabs, south and middle america...
  10. Germans don't even need a passport, can enter with ID card only. UK/USA...well, you get threated how you threat others, that's why.
  11. Idk but we also had some clan shootings in germany, like italian mafia clans shooting each other, arab mafia vs russian mafia, hells angels vs bandidos etc.... If i had to guess, i would say this is also organized crime related. My home city got more dangerous when the stupid cops removed the Hells Angels from controlling the red light area, they kept everything safe for normal people - the kosovo and serb mafia who came after them was dangerous.
  12. As long as these UK peasants use a Dyson vacuum cleaner for their new jobs the elite will be pleased enough.
  13. They removed their retirment visa, only like investment visa stuff available now afaik (millions $$). You can retire in most eu countries tho, all it needs is enough money to live and healthcare. not much different to here.
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