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  1. Rubbish, the world's best passport faker was just raided not too long ago in Pattaya on a retirement visa with links to severe terrorism including the missing Malaysia Air flight. He's certainly one of the main reasons (pressure from Interpol) for everything to get stricter here. Whole docu about it: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/video-on-demand/undercover-asia/the-forgers-11201776 Low risk my ass... As if your age says anything about you.
  2. Why would the thai gov give a hoot about agents and rogue IOs? You know exactly who runs this country, why would they care? Like really what makes u guys believe these absurdities? If you meant Thai Elite as an agent, the sole agent of thailand, then yes maybe. The government want to kill off these methods and force everyone to buy the elite visa, otherwise they have zero interest in agents and rogue IOs earning money, all they want is to earn money themselves.
  3. That's not how law works If an IO did something in breach with law, like accepting money, your stamps are entirely useless and void. You guys are so naiveeeee... it's unbelieveable, one would think after many years in thailand you guys would wake up but nope, after 10 years still as naive as on day one.
  4. That's nothing new tho. Nominee shareholder structures are simply not allowed, no matter for what type of company, it's not even a loophole - it's strictly illegal.
  5. You can read this all over vietnamese visa forums too. The so praised business visas, most are done on shell companies with no purpose. Vietnam cracks down on the companies, agents and then also blacklists the visa receiver. I would expect that to happen everywhere else, in pretty much the same way.
  6. yeah this, visa agents per se aren't illegal but if they do something illegal then expect the consequences to go down on you aka void visa and deportation, while the agents and IO involved can't be thrown out of the country.
  7. Since many big hotels are BOI companies and 100% own the land they reside on and are also majority foreign owned AND at the same time they just passed a law that makes ownership for foreigners easier (sap ing sith) - i very much doubt it. I believe this to be a case of a malicous land office, you can see the same in pattaya, these are simply mafia run areas in thailand that should be avoided. Pattaya land office also refused to do certain services like a hotel license or usufruct for foreigners, while it's simple to get in real thailand. Best to be compared to certain malicous land/air entries into thailand... But hey i used logic - so on the other hand nothing would surprise me either and i wouldn't bet 1 usd on it.
  8. USBC isn't limited to 5v/1a, It's using 9v/2a and outputs 18 watts on the ts80, it does 400 Celsius max temp However the Ts100 has DC input and does a max output of 65 watts, it goes up to 450 celsius with customized firmware and barely drops 10 degrees while using - it's actually really good. The thing what makes me use it however is the formfactor, its perfect in your hand and my hakko is just really bulky and annoying after a while
  9. Yup, the Char Broil patio grill is 1750 watt max output, the weber is 1540 watt, so the 2070 watt transformer is the minimum recommended, i run them all as single devices, would never attempt to run more than 1 of those high wattage devices. They didn't have bigger ones in store but paying a bit more and getting a 2500 watt one is normally a no brainer. They are not 100% efficient, that's why. Same as a power supply for computer, never run it at max capacity for more than a brief period.
  10. Hakko is sold here, it's a japanese brand and really good: https://www.profixthailand.com/en/category/94141/FX-888D , https://www.srt.co.th/page/HAKKO/detail_fx-888d.php?name=FX-888D (220V)&type=เครื่องควบคุมอุณหภูมิหัวแร้ง&id=SEZYODg4RC0wNUJZ thats what i ended up with but then in the end i use this thing most of the time: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/ts100-soldering-usb-oled-i267977933-s419226713.html? I have the ts80 version. It's an usb soldering iron and quite popular, and it works as good as the hakko for me (but i am not a professional): s v
  11. I wouldnt bring a TV, i would sell it in the US and buy a TCL 65 inch or 75 inch instead here. I just bought a TCL 65k Inch for 25k at powerbuy, it's supposed to be one of the best 65 inch tvs in terms of value/money - and beats many samsung screen in picture quality. In other words - this stuff isnt worht bringing over as you will pay a lot of import duty most likely. You get an equal TV for 25k THB here with 3 years warranty...
  12. Yes, meant to write 2000 watt. Converter was 3500 THB i think, it's only worth it as we also have a japanese toaster and a weber q 1400 electric BBQ, all from amazon.com/jp, somehow most amazon sellers in europe refuse to send to thailand, or i would have bought the euro versions.
  13. I use this transformer, bought in Thailand with a chabroil electronic BBQ since a good while, capped at 200 W. Works fine, and it's running for hours... Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  14. You should preach to the coppers here instead, they are the biggest organized crime syndicate in the world after all. And that's also why no one takes people like you serious.
  15. I am not good at climbing, would just bring my Hailo ladder, made in Germany. I can already see the German ladder export industry exploding, thanks Mr drumpf.
  16. Calling Thanatorn a communist while supporting communist China ohh the ironyyyyyyyyy. Baff. Speechless. That's too much even for Thai logic. But finally China is on fire, it won't take forever till their communist card house falls together with a big boom boom (not the same kind of boom boom Thai girls like to make).
  17. I am on the eastern gulf side near Koh Chang right now. The whole island is full with Germans, I can literally speak German here everywhere... German families and couples, no sexpats. There are no lady bars here at all. So yeah they might go less to the usual <deleted> holes but if you really want they are still easy to attract. Just build non <deleted>ty resorts, don't rip them off, and they come... Oh and don't invite tons of Indians and Chinese, that's a sure way for them to never come back.
  18. What a load of rubbish. Most thais, and Asians in general, dislike mainland Chinese. Most TV stars in Thailand are mixed european/american - Thai for a reason. Luk Kreung are popular in media since decades. If you think Thai girls don't like sex you must life in another country than I do. LOL good Thai women don't give a damn about sin sod, they prefer to be independent, do what they want, have a job and their families have likely enough money anyway. Welcome to 2019.
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