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  1. Well... They do have a special check-in line for government officials which seems odd. Infact, they have all sorts of odd titled overstaffed checkin lines, at least there is rarely a queue unless you have the misfortune of being stuck behind a chinese tour group, but then they wave you "you european!" to the next desk.
  2. So many mistruths about the chargeback process in this thread. Thai Airways will be given the opportunity to contest the chargeback by presenting evidence to their payment processor (KBank/SCB/Bluepay whatever) who will forward it onto the network probably Visa or Mastercard (applies to debit as well) in this case for them to make a decision, this won't be submitted as a fraud case, based on the information from the customer - Barclays would of likely submitted the chargeback as an error charge where customer attempted resolution with the merchant had failed - this is for ThaiAirways to contest. If network upholds the charge then Barclays will redebit his account for the full amount - this would of been explained in the letter he gets a few days later. It is of course possible Thai Airways won't contest the charge given the admin work invovled.
  3. digitalnobhead

    MoU on releasing refugee children

    Always happy to see another glamorous MoU signing. Watch things move rapidly from this point..
  4. What I don't understand is how someone can think an extra 20kg is only 20 quid give or take? Extra baggage charges vary for sure but on an 10hr+ flight surely somethings say that's not quite right. Equally if Thai Airways were on the ball (thankfully large incumbents rarely are) the chargeback notification would of been with Thai within 48hrs and would of propagated to the point of denying the cardholder at check-in. That's not to say there wasn't an error somewhere along the lines, 100,000baht give or that sounds equally excessive
  5. Says it all really grades cut for losing face. Thais will never learn and I'm convinced now more than ever they don't want too - it's not a problem. Between face and the silly wai-ing they don't want to prosperous. I gave up hope when I saw news of a relatively poor person using the defamation law for someone calling out her atrociously bad driving on facebook. Up the chain, down the chain, all toxic.
  6. digitalnobhead

    Overstay 16 years

    That's crap along with all the other nonsense you hear here like 'you will need to wait a few days till they go through the archives somewhere in bangkok and find your original arrival date and card etc..' - source a friend with 10 year overstay - lost and well expired passport (no details remember) - no idea of arrival date just month and year. Make an appointment and go to your embassy in bangkok and get the necessary travel documentation and advice, the most difficult part of this is probably getting into the embassy grounds with no valid ID, hopefully you have a considerate guard that it can be explained to - take a thai. When ready to leave turn up at the airport early as possible (so be the first in checkin line) they like to play the game of making you wait at the overstay counter until it appears the gate is going close and your screwed, but you'll be fine.