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  1. Yes absolutely. Takes a bit of messing about but you can have English language with Thai subtitles or the reverse.
  2. Well assuming you're not at the wind up I totally agree. It's the best move I've ever made. Bit pi5h I'm paid in Sterling but that's not Thailand's fault. I'm never going back.
  3. Great, thanks for the measured response. Don't bother replying you're on ignore
  4. This is the problem with asking advice on an online forum. everyone has a different answer depending on their circumstances. I can assure you it's not BS. Happy that you had a trouble free experience but Banglamung has now to be avoided if you want a quick in and out.
  5. Football, (in the top divisions, is about money). I won't tell you you're talking crap but I will say if you really believe it's about the fans you're living in the past.
  6. Some form of video assistance is long overdue. Not entirely sure about this version though. We need to forget all the locker room and bar arguments about it spoiling the game. The cold hard fact remains that football is a business where clubs can lose or gain millions of pounds down to incompetent refereeing or players blatantly cheating to con the referee. What fans want or think doesn't come in to it anymore for clubs in the top divisions. There are figures out there to show that more than half of the English premier division clubs would still be in profit if they played to empty stadiums. I agree the new hand ball rule is going to turn people right off VAR. My preferred option would be to give Captains 3 calls per half rather like tennis. If they are right they don't lose any.
  7. Just read it all again and have to say I'm embarrassed to be part of one of the most pedantic, petty and point scoring threads for a while. My apologies to DrJack54 for my part in continuing this nonsense.
  8. Quite a clear question. As has already been stated it's OK in your checked in luggage but not allowed in a cabin bag.
  9. Good post. There are of course many more reasons why the UK is broken but broken it undoubtedly is.
  10. Probably best to phone. There's been so many posters coming on about Jomtien immigration with different tales. All I can say is I was told not to bother and that was after I told the IO I leave the country 8 times per year.
  11. Nothing stays the same. Nostalgia is fine but anger at change is pointless.
  12. There seems to be no "rules" I posted elsewhere that my agent wouldn't bother with Banglamung because of long delays in getting paperwork verified by Bangkok, but someone else came on to say they were in and out same day. All I can say is I was in and out within the hour at Don Mueang Amphur. Suggest you phone around or enlist an agent
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