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  1. A purse on the beach. I am guessing a phone, sunscreen, sunglasses, lipgloss and about 135 baht are gonna be in there.
  2. I really love my inlaws. On occasion I have had problems with things I know have been said and done, and what I have found to be very successful is I just forget it and reset like it never happened. Because, let's face it, have I acted perfectly? Have i never done anything they found offensive? Just realize these things go both ways, try to shun the thought that you have any sort of moral or logical high ground, and act like a reset has taken place next time you see them. Because one thing I have noticed they can have short memories when it comes to disagreements etc, which is great.
  3. The two things we know are she has all these businesses and she seems like she is good with her interactions with men... You need to just go back and hang out with her to really know anything in my opinion.
  4. Oh yeah, that is right. You would need to show you are the owner and the chanote and all. Oh man good luck, really. I totally forgot that small detail lol.
  5. I have had those boxes taken out a couple of times. Where I am there are only a couple reasons the box may be removed... you don't pay a bill (it even costs about 40 baht to have the box there when not using any electricity), or you tell the company to remove it. Since nobody told them to remove it i bet there was an unpaid bill. They will take it even if you do not pay their little 40 baht... that is what i call the we dont take your meter box fee. You would need to go to some power office and have them put the box back. I have done this a couple times. It is a pain, and it can take up to a week believe it or not. Ask the building people where that office is and then do your best to tell them "no meter, building xyz, room 123" in your best broken english.
  6. You could run into a huge amount of trouble even if you wanted to do it for free. So, imagine a for profit business. You have got to look at it from the Thai perspective, you would be filling a void that they would rather have a Thai fill. I was under the impression most foreigner run businesses here are set up under a Thai spouse's name. If you are not in that situation I am not even sure of the first step to be honest.
  7. I have noticed the second hand lens market is insanely popular here, and the prices go up accordingly. It is too bad. That is my experience anyway.
  8. Cant u just buy a refundable flight home, and then get it refunded? i have never done this but seems it would work. i suppose you could get the flight to anywhere too, just whatever was the cheapest flight out of the country.
  9. One thing that stands out to me as far as differences, I have a hard time comparing uk to thai of course, but i would think uk would be similar to usa, is the fact that usa docs are under constant pressure to perform due to lawsuits or malpractice proceedings. I am honestly not sure the exact system in thailand, but if i had to guess they can actually get away with quite a bit more here? that alone seems to be reason enough... for me, as i was saying. in other words, lets just say wuality if care was equal, well, the docs are under actual performance pressure in more western style hospitals. but yeah thanks for the information. it sounds like uk hospitals do not have to be fun at all.
  10. I do not even know what an nhs hospital is. I am still betting the care is better though. But you are right, being inexperienced on the matter i could be wrong. I know for a fact i would head back to the usa for cancer treatment, and i would do anything i could to force any loved ones or friends to do the same - even if i "had to pay double" as someone noted. Are you betting nhs care is better, the same or worse than thai care when it comes to cancer?
  11. It is the only beer i like here. It is harder to find than i would like.
  12. That seems to assume athlete (or doctor) skill level is attributed to genes. I would say genes are more or less a level playing field between countries (although some countries have many more people which is an obvious advantage). I do not think it is too big a leap to say in Tiger Woods' case that it was much more about his environment that made him great. It is an interesting topic though. I only brought it up because I think it it easier to see skill levels between athletes when compared to doctors. And again, I am betting the overall skill levels of the top doctors in both countries more or less follows the patterns of each countrie's athletes.
  13. As I said, cost means nothing. To me anyway. This is his life at stake. I did not even know people thought Thai medical was on par with top countries. To me that would be like saying Thai golfers are "just as good" as USA golfers.
  14. I did not watch.... but i can sum it up for myself: pros of treatment at home - greater chance of living. Ok, end of summation, no more data points necessary. I am being fully genuine now: do people really debate this type of thing?!
  15. I still do not get it. Don't you have to be alive and healthy to continue to be a legend? I am sure he could find a flight back over on one of these thimgs called airplanes. It is not like he would be stuck there for life... unless I am missing something.
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