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  1. Yes, most everything is different in the country we all come from. But that is the lure, isn't it... Being disappointed in goods, services, and pricing goes with the easy access to wine, women, and song. Try not to make comparisons to your home culture...Thais will be Thais...they bristle when compared to what they believe are inferior cultures.
  2. The rule of law was weakened before Trump took office... Criminals caught red-handed were not prosecuted and staff given blanket immunity... Criminals still walking around bumping their gums and crying they were robbed!
  3. Let us not jump to conclusions now. We all know that the farang suffered a medical problem while swimming... Luck for him the did not live in a highrise condo...
  4. The final contest could be between to men who are billionaires... Let the non-stop TV ads begin...may become the most expensive campaigns in US and World history...
  5. Relationships are complex and are important to a man and woman for completely different reasons. Enjoy your happiness. Don't try to over analyze or worry about your age differences. When your body starts to succumb to the aging process...sit down and discuss the consequences of your changes. Hope for the best life ever...have an exit plan if things go south...do not spend your last dime...keep a health money reserve should you find yourself on your own once more. Good Luck!
  6. Safety first! Do your homework. Suggest a smaller well travelled river before trying to tackle the mighty Mekong...
  7. Sad way to live and die...these attempts at ethnic cleansings around the world are the most heinous of crimes against humanity...
  8. You are immediately offered a job as a motorcycle taxi driver!
  9. Been turning Chinese in measured degrees ever since the democratically elected government was disposed of.... Banning the Freedom Party from politics because they are a threat to a dysfunctional government... Someone outside Thailand seems to be managing the transistion... Wonder who?
  10. He is just one lawyer that has been caught doing what many lawyers do best...deceive the public by any means to obtain monetary gain...greedy and corruption runs unabated in attorney circles...
  11. Floaters are a normal part of the aging process...cataracts however cause loss of vision over time and should be removed when vision is impaired and reading is difficult and before driving becomes dangerous. Every now and then I swat at an imaginary mosquito or duck a imaginary wasp...
  12. So that's how they get up and down those steep rice terraces! Wonder how many accidents they have?
  13. This is Thailand...learn to love it!
  14. Pray that many will come from Mexico...so there can be a few decent Mexican restaurants around...
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