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  1. Man, I feel your pain...like walking quietly on egg shells so as not to wake the village monsters...good luck!
  2. The most VD, ladyboys, streetwalkers, old farang drunks, criminals, scammers, pickpockets, necklace and purse snatchers, Russians, Indians, and Africans per square meter.
  3. Be interesting to hear why they think they were passed-over while others succeeded.
  4. Don't forget to step on the cat's tail and kick the dog before turning out the lights.
  5. Meanwhile the carrier medical staff are preparing for a flood of crouch related illnesses.
  6. This is huge! Any country's worst nightmare. No doubt the Russians, Chinese and others are busy doing the same mischief. The US would never stoop this low.
  7. It's a scary thought...but I believe healthcare professionals...including dentists succumb to greed at the expense of the patient...I almost always seek a second opinion...do not really trust any of them...including hospital administrators and insurance companies...most would not pass close scrutiny...
  8. Q stands for questioning...it is a sign of the times...more people are confused about their sexual orientation. My generation never needed to "question"...we just looked between our legs and proceeded with the appropriate sex life. If you do not know what is appropriate...then you might be "questioning"...
  9. Some Thais...banking, immigration, healthcare...appear to enjoy making a farang's blood boil. Why you ask...because they can...makes for great conversation at evening dinner.
  10. Don, really...throw away that accounting educated mind for a moment...ask yourself this commonsense question...at 90 years of age what difference does it really make what bank has use if your money? If you are happy and content in Thailand save yourself a lot of angst and hardship...just relax and enjoy your remaining years...
  11. I'm surprised she has not resigned before with all the pressure from the EU and British cabinet ministers lack of willingness to compromise. Enough already!
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