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  1. Chicago's Black Democratic Mayor...a few weeks back...was asked why she did not put a stop to the rioting, looting, burning, destroying businesses and fighting with police...her reply: It is just folks out having fun...a block party". Ignorant America hating witch! You get the government you vote for...enjoy Chicago!
  2. Take a peek at Panama...lots of perks for immigrants...
  3. according to a crackpot conspiracy theory! Not so fast. How many would have predicted the world's economys would all come to a screeching halt at the same time? Widespread rioting, looting and defiance? The world is ripe for a savior and/or a demon...people around the world are desperate for leadership... The Words of the Bible may yet soon be fulfilled... Many have their eye on Nov of this year for all hell to be unleashed!
  4. Amen Brother...money greases the skids very effectively in Thailand...
  5. Do not accompany your wife to the police station...your wife WILL be at fault. She stands a better chance without a farang in the picture!
  6. Was glad to see it was not your girlfriend you wanted to dispose of...
  7. Never liked snakes...have great respect for their bite...a few close calls but so far no altercations...I would like to see them trained to control rioters and looters...
  8. TDY is universally understood as "Temporary Duty". Their military spouses were sent away...so they came back to the bars to play...
  9. If you end up purchasing that vehicle, give the salesman a large tip!
  10. Chiang Mai is a great place to take pics of Buddhist temples...not much else.
  11. The tourism industry was already in trouble before the virus hit the world. Corrupt business practices, expensive tourist venues, unsafe boating, lack of policing these activities, government viewed as draconian and immigration hassles have all contributed to a negative image of Thai tourism. Many will NEVER come back!
  12. How bad are the bars? The bars are so bad now that bar girls are buying customers beer and paying their own bar fines...ladyboys have been reduced to dating each other...
  13. Odd...wait until there is an audience to do his self in...RIP!
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