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  1. Just the prospect of another Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court is enough to send stars shooting over rainbows dreams... Don't get your panties in a wad...the world...your world is not coming to an end if Trumo gets his appointment approved...
  2. Say it is not so! I can't stand it! Let's go out and burn down as few innocent people's businesses!
  3. All these nuances get smoothed out when you crawl into bed at the end of the day!
  4. Chumphon's immigration attitude is not surprising at all. They are too ignorant to realize that their job and income depends on people seeking visas. They think denying visas somehow improves their mundane lives... Good for you, found a decent group of officers at Nong Khai... Immigration needs some PR training badly.
  5. When you go there...things will liven up considerably...you may be required to choose among the few middle aged women there. Be generous...drinks for everyone!
  6. I was shocked when I visited Chiang Mai and had to stay indoors much of the time to avoid breathing problems. Burning season is a danger to all it's citizens. Ditto...Siagon and Vietnam in general...smokers everywhere...no place to escape. Many non-smokers die of lung cancer each year...can be linked to prolonged exposure to second hand smoke. Just Stop it!
  7. As the Attorney General of the United States has indicated...prosecutors are targeting political figures... then looking for a crime! Not the American way...
  8. Ditto...Korat...Google for current hotel deals!
  9. No politics involved here folks...just a good hard working prosecutor doing his job...
  10. Thailand should create a visa free zone...give tourists who only want to party...a place to go to not gave to be hassled by immigration and police looking for Tea Money! Make entry and exit easy...would attract party people from all over the world...
  11. The visa process does not seem to get easier...every year brings more angst and problems at immigration... It appears that an agent is the easiest way to keep from letting the Thai visa ruin your retirement... Also, healthcare insurance may become problematic as you get older... Good Luck!
  12. RBG own words...when Clinton and Obama were President...paraphrasing " it is the sitting President's constitutional duty to fill a vacancy ASAP... Elections have consequences...you had your turn for 8 years...now go out there and show your disdain for this President, the Constitution, and America...riot, loot, and burn...your side is good at that...
  13. It may not yet be the "end of time"...but it is the worst of times for many people... Much to be depressed about...little to be hopeful. The Chinese have shown how easy it is to bring world commerce to a near halt, destroying hundreds of thousands of people of all nations...without firing a shot. The new wars will be fought over resources...especially food and water... Guns are impotent in the hands of a sick and hungry...dying nation.
  14. It will be entertaining to see and hear the Dems, Repubs, and news folks whine and moan over this most important position... This will add drama and stress on the Presidential candidates to bring their side the desired outcome... Let the gnashing of teeth, insults. dirty politics and claims of corruption begin...or should I say continue!
  15. You can not copy too much information for immigration...the more the merrier!
  16. Look at it this way...with her blood type, she is less likely to be attacked by werewolves and vampires!...
  17. GPS wrist bands or ankle monitors should do the trick. Can't be too careful with farangs moving freely about the country...
  18. Try not to become the center of attention in a Thai family...don't create drama...go with the flow bro!
  19. Depending upon where you live...and your relationship with your partner...everyday could be turd day!
  20. Glad you have discovered a good way to be the virus boredom...good for you...be careful out there...
  21. Your fuse is probably weak from the stress of being overloaded too much. You are asking for trouble! A blown fuse is a warning...you could start a fire in your home...the wiring also can be stressed to the point of getting so hot that it may start an electrical fire...in your ceiling, walls and so on. Get a new bed!
  22. The "drumbeat" of misinformation is coming from Wray himself...he did not site even one example of the info to help Trump get reelected. Wray has stonewalled the investigations into FBI wrong doing against the Trump campaign and then as President... One more swamp rat that needs to be eradicate...
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