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  1. I mean it would only be about $5-10,000. Hardly a lot to live for a year in Thailand. Hardly a lot for someone's life savings.
  2. I would recommend that when they play cards, the customary thing to do at funerals, they should donate the rake to the deceased's family.
  3. You gotta be kiddin.
  4. If someone is using the combo method, it wouldn't take much to top it up to 800k. It's only to be there for 3 months. Those who can't do this, really shouldn't be living in a foreign country, IMHO.
  5. If you're British, good info here - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/british-embassy-bangkok-to-stop-certification-of-income-letters
  6. I have a question regarding this Thai name. Has anyone kept the Thai name but also kept their original passports? I could imagine that their would be a problem to renew your US/UK or whatever passport if you have no Thai visa in it.
  7. I sold the majority of then at $18,000. I'm going to sell this week and rebuy in a couple of months. maybe.
  8. Really, I hope you don't work as a stockbroker or financial analyst. Take a look at all the BMW's and Benz's around the streets, even upcountry.
  9. What is the average time from NIA interview to MOI interview? From what I can gather from reading many pages it's between 2 and 5 years. Can anyone be more specific?
  10. I was not allowed to be grandfathered in around 2004, when that bloody square head increased the visa fees. I had a marriage visa, showing 200k in the bank and then had to show 400k.
  11. For citizenship, you must have been working for at least 3 years in Thailand.
  12. I'd like to withdraw a large amount of cash( 30-50 bitcoin) to a Thai bank. Can anyone suggest a bank to do this, that wouldn't ask many questions about where it came from? I actually bought them years ago in Australia.