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  1. No, but there'll be plenty of rooms available for those who want to go back as the stuggeling hotel business need every single Bath they can get. They have to do something while waiting for the vaccin.......? But to attract mainstream tourists, Thailand need to rely on tests on arrival, or their tourist business is screwed for the rest of this year. Maybe Vietnam, Cambodia or Indonesia will be faster and "steal" the tourists from Thailand?
  2. With more hotels joining, they'll probably let anyone in who's ready to pay. Wouldn't surprise me if we'll see travel companies offering packages with complete logistics, including application, flight, transport, hotel, insurance etc. Since there's alot of money to be made here, this will probably become a big business.
  3. But it's a start. Many empty hotels out there craving for guests...
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/21/astrazeneca-could-supply-potential-coronavirus-vaccine-from-september Vaccin already from September......2020! If that comes true....
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