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  1. How much of this spending is hospital bills after accidents?
  2. And then you can use it again 'till you get caught the next time.
  3. Could be a secret exit from Hitler's Berlin bunker? The nazi gold might be hidden on the island, probably the only place in the world no one thought of....remains to find the rest of the tunnel though,,,
  4. A picture tells more than 1000 words...Well, that depends. great newsvalue.
  5. Good work Jiraphon! But the man on the right, wearing helmet, doesn't seem to have a clue what to do...
  6. Somchai: hehe, can sell it later to a stupid farang
  7. The only thing one can do is to boycott such places, look for something else, and tell everybody you know to do the same.
  8. I think parents need to keep an eye on what their kids are up to, lots of other sick stuff on internet.
  9. Send up the molasses drones and dump the shit on the outdoor burners
  10. Sounds like a Thai name, has Big Joke found a bad Thai?
  11. Why do they need escort, they're all blind in the traffic here.
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