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  1. Just waiting for 7/11 to test one's oxygen saturation before entering.
  2. Opening up meaning no CoE and no ASQ? What about covid19 test 72h before departure? Test on arrival? 100.000USD insurance?
  3. This idea would work like a charm for the Thais. With the current surplus of shoebox condos in Bangkok, I suggest "Get a jab, and you'll get a condo for free." https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/us-state-is-giving-away-1-million-prize-to-5-lucky-people-for-getting-the-covid-vaccine-3734087.html
  4. Time for Thai Airways to dust of their rusty old fleet and send Thais abroad to get their jabs, any place would be faster, Zimbabwe?
  5. This is what happens when the layed off TAT people get new jobs.
  6. Foreign teachers included? Would be very stupid otherwise, but hardly surprising.
  7. A perfect opportunity to get infected. BTW, don't forget to bring pillows in case you'll get breathing difficulties after your jab.
  8. Shouldn't it be "I win" and I Love Myself" schemes?
  9. The insurance requirement will be kept in place. If you test positive (could be false positive) you'll spend your very precious holiday locked up in hospital-better have cover for that.
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