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  1. Seems to be one of the easiest way of making money making in Thailand, if you are unscrupulous. So many greedy ladies.
  2. Anything could happen here. Except Baht devaluation of course.
  3. "motorcycle taxi riders or "win" that ride on the sidewalks will lose their jackets for three years. " And who is going to catch them, if I may ask?
  4. Tourist:"Why on earth do you need a DNA sample from me, I'm just a tourist? Officer: "Because you might commit a crime. Btw, welcome to Land of Smile! And Btw again, don't forget the TM30 so we'll be able to track you down when you've committed the crime."
  5. Just as the 40 million (or was it billion?) arrivals each year. Just fantasy.
  6. Just a matter of time before they start to demand a DNA tests of every foreigner entering the country, a bood test on arrival. After all, every foreigner is a suspect.
  7. and stop giving privileges to the senior executives?
  8. HongKong People in Thailand are urged to avoid minivans, tuktuk scammers, boattrips and lady-boys.
  9. And the third phase will target consumers at the high end (the HiSo) ; tax free imported cars.
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