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  1. Yet, I wouldn't be surprised if they were included in TATs insanely inflated arrival numbers.
  2. 8 million IF they scrap all those draconian rules inkl insurance and quaranten. Even then, 8 million is very optimistic.
  3. While the parents don't wear one.... Kids watch how their parents and other adults act, hence the Thai disaster.
  4. At least not a word about removing the agogo bars, the very soul of Pattaya.
  5. Pathetic exaggeration by TAT, 39 turn into 41. Back in the old days it would've been 41 0000.
  6. I read somewhere that Thailand has a workforce of 38 million people. That would mean that over 20% is (or was) in the tourist sector.
  7. I thought it was a rule of nature in Thailand, when a ship is about to sink, the captain is the first to escape.
  8. Jesus, these guys have some kind of challenge in this country. BTW I'm surprised to read they actually have such department...
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