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  1. Same for France (medical system), recenty retired, I was considering spending half or more of the year in Thailand. Health insurance for OA, and probably soon for Non-O. I do not feel secure with these changing immigration rules and cannot plan anything stable in Thailand. I will probably spend most of my time in Europe and only short periods in Thailand and elsewhere.
  2. Hello, I am not sure to understand : Does this obligation applies only to Non immigrant O-A visa end not to extension based on Non immigrant O visa ? In my case, 3 month non immigrant O visa, followed by 1 year extension based on retirement whih expires in april 2020 : Will an insurance be asked when i ask for a new extension in april 2020? Will this insurance be asked when I enter Thialand in november 2019 with my existing extension valid till april 2020? Thanks
  3. Ok Thanks Initially I had a 3 month Non imgrant O visa and I now have a retirement extension of stay with multiple entries till april and will go back to thailand next month. I guess there will be no problem to enter thailand in november 2019 and stay till april 2020 then. I hope they will not ask insurance for the new extension, i will ask in march 2020
  4. Hello What is confirmed ? for the OA visa only and will not effect Non O retirement visas ? of for everybody ? Only for renewals ? Thanks
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