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  1. Anyway the driver should keep control of his car. At least this is the way it works in France. Same if anybody crossed the road running. The driver must keep control of his car.
  2. May be they register people when they have the corresponding vaccine doses.
  3. Not french names. 60% of people in french prisons have this origin
  4. He should not be fined 6000 for not wearing mask but be getting life sentence for military coup 555
  5. In France anyone going to the hospital is not asked for an insurance if it's an emergency. A lot of foreigners don't pay hospital bills ... More arabs and bulgarians with tuberculosis anyway, than thai people
  6. In every country most people don't know the name of the ministers... most, but not all know the name of the prime minister only.
  7. I think they can go to Greece too, as I will as a french citizen : https://travel.gov.gr/#/
  8. They will change the rules at the last minute 5555
  9. I agree. I was think the same way when I read this info. They are not reliable at all !
  10. Every tourist can afford it but the point is that they always do everything they can to discourage tourists financially and with paperwork
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