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  1. It may be due to interraction with nature. Interraction with eating any wild animals like in China, interraction with wild animals for aids (HIV-1 from chimpanzees and gorillas to humans)
  2. I had extensions 2 times at Chaengwattana immigration office and, as you wrote, they never asked for additional proof of my income.
  3. I did open an account at Bangkok Bank 2 years ago without any visa, only staying for 2 weeks with visa exemption
  4. If they drop paperwork, quarantine, insurance, for vaccinated people and make things easier than before covid .... may be, otherwise no way !
  5. I am really impressed. You always have an answer to anything !
  6. I was speaking of vaccinated foreigners wanting to enter Thailand, not of vaccinated people in Thailand.
  7. They should annonce what they will do when people are vaccinated in 2021. Will they keep quarantine, insurance, etc??
  8. 1.2 billion bahts ? Is it really a huge amount for a country like Thailand ? 34 millions euros ?
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