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  1. There is one in soi buakhow on the left as you are heading towards Pattaya Klang, about 100 meters before you get there. They do printing there as well. Also a good one just a few meters to the left of the Lek Hotel on second road. At this one you can buy a cake and coffee too if you want it.
  2. Which sometimes they then use to clean glasses. Ever drank water out of a glass that stank? They were using the same rag for washing fry pans and wiping tables, not a good mix.
  3. There are other reasons. There is a group of 6 bars in a complex that I know of in Pattaya klang. One of them was successfully run by a farang for severals years. They basically charged 10 baht a beer less than the other Thai run bars and were getting most of the farang customers. The Thai bar operators were jealous of his success. They then lobbied the land owner to force up his rent and he did. They all got together and forced him out. He closed up shop. Now they are all Thai run and all charge the same price. Being a farang puts you at a disadvantage all the time. That's why I've never owned a bar here.
  4. That photo was taken at 8 am. How about you go have a look at 8 pm, it is crowded at that time.
  5. No, it's not out of their control entirely. Rents maybe so but the decline in clientele I put down to 3 things. 1. The quality of their food has gone downhill. Usually because good chefs move on to a better paying jobs. They get tight (kee nee ow) small portions. Not like it use to be. 2. Their prices are too high. Ie: why pay 190 for a cottage pie when you can buy similar in another place for 129? 3. Awful service by the staff. Ie: Can't speak English "no hab". Or playing with their phones whilst on duty. Not welcoming guests coming in, etc. If that happens to me at any of the restaurants I go to then I wouldn't go back. One of my favourite places I go into already have a large Leo in a condom with the top off as I walk in off the street. Best service I get anywhere in the world. The places that go broke either didn't secure a good long term lease at reasonable prices or refuse to move with the times or train their staff properly. Their problems not mine, plenty of choices in Pattaya, customers move on and their businesses fail.
  6. Arrhh, they scrapped the happy hour times to all day AND night, that's why there's no times on it. And to verify I paid 50 baht a drink at 11 pm not long ago. Here's another one mentioned before. Large Leo's 60 baht, all day and night right on soi buakhow, near Chunky Monkey.
  7. Yep here it is, in New Plaza, where the soi splits into V.
  8. Ok, so I am a bit of a fitness fanatic and do 10 km to 15 km hard walks each day. The only decent place to do that was in the big park there. All doable but going around and around can get monotonous. The streets are bad though, a bit like soi buakhow at 6 pm. Heavy traffic and no where to go at times. The beachfront walk here is better for that. The other thing was a decent big supermarket like Big C. Plenty of small 7/11 types but nothing big. I did find a mall about 5kms away but it's supermarket was small. HCMC was ok, I think it's a good place to do a visa run. The 2 streets off Bui Vien had some great restaurant/bars there. Can easy do a week there again in the future.
  9. You keep bringing this place up. Do you know it is now a Prime Hamburger restaurant? How smart do you think they are opening up next to a McDonalds and Hungry Hippo? My guess is, once again someone hasn't done their homework. The place is empty all day and night. If this place lasts 6 Months I will be surprised.
  10. That was not my experience at all. Here I walk out of my hotel and I have 12 ATM's within 100 meters, 4 exchange booths, 2 x 7/11's, 1 x family mart, maybe 30 restaurants, 50 bars, motorcycle rental places, travel agencies etc. All from 30 seconds to a 5 minute walk. Plus lets not forget those hospitals we need. Vietnam is absolutely nothing like that, and I mean nothing at all as easy as this. No way would i swap Pattaya for Vietnam. I mentioned it before, the difference between the price of beer here vs Vietnam is $2 usd here and $1 over there. For that small difference and major benefits here, I would rather pay the extra $1 a beer here. So many good choices, great bars and great places for farangs to enjoy.
  11. Only 1 of many choices, I really wouldn't care. By the way there is a Shabushi in Harbour and Terminal 21 as well so if I really wanted to make the effort l could go there. If Billabong or Triangle bar closed tomorrow it wouldn't worry me at all. I have not had a drink in Billabong for 2 years already. With Triangle, it's an ok place to go but if it disappeared it wouldn't worry me. There is unlimted choice here. The new Rich Bar just re opened. New stage with a super rock and roll band. Completely renovated premises, looks and sounds good. Might pop in there in the next few nights. Choice is limitless, who cares about the failures, some win, some lose, customers adapt.
  12. I would say there is a big BS alert here. I was there a Month and observed the comings and goings of Viet ladies going to guys rooms over several afternoons. They turn up for an hour or so. They arrive on their motorcycle with their face mask on. They leave an hour later with their face mask on, funny how that was always around 3 pm when they started work. They just do not want to be identified, that's all. Oh the shame of it hey? But don't worry I won't be swapping Pattaya for Vietnam anytime soon. This place is way better and way easier for everything.
  13. Proper and nice places hey? What may be proper and nice to you might not be for the majority. In my opinion the majority could not care less who closes and does not survive. Tonight I was drinking with 7 of my buddies, none of them are loyal to any particular bar or restaurant. They change locations at a whim. I know this for a fact as the bars we were drinking in 18 years ago are bars that we rarely go into now. No one cares, we adopt the new places that offer a better deal. As far as restaurants go you need to go take a look at Shabushi in Central Festival. It is full at all hours of the day. I have only once ever in the last 20 visits have been able get in straight away. Every other time I had to take a ticket and wait 15 to 20 minutes for someone to vacate their table. Costs 419 baht per head and yet it's full all the time, mostly Thais too. Why are they successful and your bar is not? Answer, maybe your bar is not adapting. Please don't tell me how cheap rent is in Central Festival. To me it sounds like you are a bar/restaurant owner who is not meeting the market and losing business. If you are not and if your best place might close then why should the other 99% of people in this town care? We don't use it anyway. So so much choice in Pattaya, each to his own, why worry?
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