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  1. Yes you can convert to a Non Imm Visa as part of the process to apply for a 12 month extension.
  2. Yes. You have to contact them, not the other way round. Download the forms and fill them in. There are a lot of pages.
  3. You might have a problem opening a fixed account. I have had a savings account at SCB for 14 years. Also a number of fixed accounts over the years. When I went last week to open another fixed account they refused unless I returned with my Wife who had to provide her ID card and tabien baan. Looking on their website it says that you need a Work Permit to open one.
  4. Motorbike traveling too close to the car in front. Who would have thought it?
  5. 13 years of marriage extensions at 3 different offices. Never a problem at any of them. A really simple process.
  6. Fixed Deposits are accepted by most Immigration Offices.
  7. We need to know what you actually have in your passport. If it is a 12 month extension of stay you need to report 90 days after you applied for it
  8. Marriage extension is pretty simple to do . Don't believe all the rubbish spoken on here. Photos sitting on the bed? Never been asked for one in 13 years.
  9. From three months before a new subsequent “Extension” application, ensure the required amount of Baht in a Thai savings account, as it must remain undiminished for a whole three months till the application. Wrong. It is 2 months for every application. Timing as regards applicant’s Passport: Applicant must ensure there is sufficient time validity remaining on their Passport. Applicant must also ensure they have enough unused pages in their Passport. You will get the extension depending on the months validity left on your passport. For the Application for Extension and also a “Re-Entry Permit” application, a total of 3 photos of the applicant 4 x 6 cm, are required. I only every provide one for the application. However, avoid orange or black clothes Load of tosh. I understand a reason for applying to be given by the male applicant is: “To support my Thai wife” "Thai Wife" is enough. To be honest I got bored after that. You are making it to be much more complicated than it actually is. Anyone reading that will probably not even make the effort to apply. It really is not that complicated.
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