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  1. Take your ear plugs. Isaan is the noisiest place I have ever lived in. You might just be lucky and fine a quiet place.
  2. A foreign Wife of a Thai man has to show nothing in the bank so even more wacky.
  3. Choosing to live in Pattaya requires a pretty low IQ to start with.
  4. Savannakhet Laos will issue a multi entry Non Imm O Visa without any bank details. 5,000 Baht fee. For a 12 month extension at Immigration you need 400,000 in the bank or 40,000 monthly income 1,900 Baht fee.
  5. No Thais great. Who cares about the others. Not Thailand obviously.
  6. Probably the sound of dogs barking all night. I have the same problem.
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