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  1. Thaksin's case has nothing to do with corruption, ( he has money and plenty of it) he was getting too popular to the point of bypassing the military and the Monarchy, and that did not go well. As for his new Party it's mainly to create a new generation of politicians to match or beat the present system, which, at present is not doing too well.
  2. Farangs are also used to live in free democratic countries, when they arrive here and see loads of cops and militaries everywhere, they start feeling uncomfortable and a bit stressed. Thailand is no longer projecting a good image of itself. Of course, the baht is not helping neither as farangs coming to Thailand are middle/low class tourists who are looking at value for their money before looking at the scenery.
  3. It's better to be rich and in good health than poor and sick.
  4. Dear PM, you have no choice or this country will keep sinking further. True democracy is the only way to have a prosperous and stable Thailand. Any 12 years old could tell you that.
  5. Now I get it why the baht is so high, the riches and the junta are getting good deals at exchange rates.
  6. Thailand is expecting new tourists every year instead of really taking care of the ones already in the country. Those are the ones who would come back and tell friends how wonderful Thailand is. But do not despair, after the farangs, the Chinese, the Indians, there are still many countries to attract, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Uganda, Syria, Libya, etc....
  7. Except at International Airports?!! Why? Is it because the government does not want to show to foreigners that Thailand is somewhat...backward! Sorry cops, I will drink alcohol, but only in my house. I wont feel guilty, I'm not Buddhist.
  8. Generals belong to army barracks, but then, there is not much happening in terms of wars in Thailand so it must get a bit boring there. With civilians there is more entertainment happening. ru pai mot tuk kleuang (someone who knows everything about nothing)
  9. When low/middle class tourists came to Thailand a few years ago, they knew they were getting good value for their money, unfortunately the government failed to try to get those tourists to return, when they did returned they had a bit of a shock, these peoples will never return and will tell other peoples to stay away from Thailand. Word of mouth can be a very powerful tool, good or bad comments. A good wife is the one who forgive her husband when......she is wrong!
  10. Thai citizen are also Voters and therefore are entitled to form an opinion on how their Leaders perform, as for uniforms it's only to show customers that employees work for a particular Company, in the same way as banks, 7-eleven, KFC, etc.. and these employees have also the right to have opinions on the state of their country.
  11. Do you know any country in the world rules by the military and that is also doing well? I don't.
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