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  1. This is not good news for the General, he's got elections coming soon, the rural area has 70% of voters, "The Reds". One can understand why he keeps pushing back the elections as far back as he possibly can, as he is also pressured by the US and the EU to get on with it. He knows they don't like him up there no matter how hard he tries.
  2. Thanks to Boris the Clown and his acolytes, the Referendum had a total lack of information about problems the UK would encounter by living the EU. Most voters were semi-retired or retired and could not give a damn about next generations they will be living behind. With information the public has today, a second Referendum would be a different story, I am guessing 68 per cent for staying. Ladies and Gentlemen start betting!
  3. The only reason photo of the passport won't allow you to pass borders it's only because one cannot stamp phones. Custom Officers would be totally lost without Entry Stamps in their hands.
  4. The reason is simple, they don't want low and middle class to become too smart, they could take jobs as lawyers, doctors, politicians, (think about this last one) what a blow for the General, a smart Politician taking over!
  5. The poll has been done in Bangkok perimeter, 70 per cent of "Reds" live in rural areas. I heard his first CD, I almost called an Ambulance, I thought someone was screaming in pain, lucky the locals told me it was just The General singing.
  6. Right from the start, before the Referendum, if Boris the Clown and the like would have told the truth about problems on leaving the EU, there would not be any mentions of Brexit today. Still 51 to 49 per cent shows that it's not the end of Brexit yet. Considering an other Referendum win for staying, the EU should accept the UK only if they switch to the Euro.
  7. Moo 2

    Prayut prayers ‘spare’ Thailand from Pabuk

    I don't know much about praying but in my dreams Prayut was a nice, fair and legally elected Leader, then I woke up, then I realized I was only dreaming, la la la, the green green grass of home.
  8. Moo 2

    Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    She is smart, beautiful, and loaded, these are all excuses needed to make fuming with jealousy. As for corruption, it would be a joke for anyone in Thailand to call her "corrupted". It's a way of life here, it's part of Thai Custom.
  9. In the UK this would be an excellent excuse for Betting, "the month & the day". faites vos jeux.