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  1. Yes, Yes AND Yes! Agree 100%! Never had any problem with my extensions under all the yrs i been living in this country, but SO much BS for nothing, and it does absolutely NOTHING GOOD for the country, OR us...
  2. Are you thinking of THIS suggestion from "The Thaiger"...??? Called TM30T, for Thais only... If THIS was implemented, it wold create many tens of thousand new jobs ( and expences!) https://thethaiger.com/news/opinion/thai-government-introduces-new-tm30t-to-keep-track-of-thais
  3. Would be of great interest if Immigration authorities could point at ONE single country using the SAME stupid system, AND also can show an improvement to that country`s "security"... I have been living in quite a numbers of countries around the world, and NEVER seen / heard of any other country with this stupid rules!
  4. Have you ever tried the premium paint "Jotun"? Little bit more expensive, but last "many" times longer than other brands...
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