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  1. You missed the thrust of it. It was a comment on the social condition- could have been any given country, I just happen to come from the UK.
  2. I know parts of the UK where that would be classed as a good night out
  3. Bet the girl in yellow could hold a tune
  4. I know the story is important, but all I could think when looking at the photo was, ‘he’s rather tall for a Japanese guy’ - unless the Thais are all midgets
  5. So that’s the secret, less eating and more drinking - think I’ll give it a try
  6. My local IO are keen on me doing 90 reports online, saying that it saves them work. Haven’t tried it yet, but how hard can it be? Wondering if you could do change of address online too.
  7. Virtually the same thing happened to me 2 days ago for the same extension as you. The IOs said the request came from above and didn’t understand the reasoning. Specifically they needed copies of an updated bank book showing a deposit of ‘200 to 300 bahts’ that day, not a withdrawal. Luckily the amount in my account was still fine, and I stuck in 1000baht, got the copies and delIvered them to the IO, who seemed apologetic and happy. Still waiting for final approval. This was in Mukdahan.
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