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  1. If tourists only knew what they are spending their thousands of dollars on before planning their trip.
  2. Guess not a farang among them...no pictures taken.
  3. So how long have you been putting up with this little charade?
  4. That's a bit harsh on the kid. Perhaps he wasn't able to get into a Chinese University. There is a lot of competition and just so many seats and a lot of pressure on those kids to get accepted. Hence why so much depression and suicide among students. Most likely will never be known how he died being where it happened. Its sad for him and his family. RIP
  5. And people think medicare should cover them in Land of Scams. Could you imagine what the hospitals would charge if that spigot was ever opened. Won't and shouldn't ever happen.
  6. In addition to Grab, Indonesian ride service is spreading out. In Indonesia it is called Go Jet, in Vietnam it is called Go Viet.
  7. Forget about fasting, dieting, or any other of the du jour antics. The science is to eat a well balanced diet, involving clean foods, exercise, breather clean air, don't smoke or over indulge, ...everything in moderation. Easy peasy.
  8. Well what would you do if you had someone investing your money and the value of your portfolio decreased by 33% over those years? Would you keep him on and keep paying him...or move on to someone else?
  9. Pretty sad that someone has issues so bad they resort to this. Perhaps the charcoal method in private would have been a better choice if he had to do it. RIP
  10. I'm just amused that 10,000 people a day would dare get on one of those boats. I wouldn't be interested even if it was free.
  11. Sure..go for it..what could go wrong? Especially since you come across as being ...so in love with your girlfriend.
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