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  1. Funny, they are so proud of their success, but did not mention one company by name...hmmm.
  2. Must be working....AirVisual has a reading of only 130 today in Bangkok. One half this size should take care of all Chiang Mai in no time at all.
  3. He is only showing interest because he thinks the supplies will keep coming. If he had to pay for them himself, there would be no sleepovers. As long as the freebies are flowing, he'll be involved. Makes him think he is being a responsible dad.
  4. I think the best thing for mum is if he stays in Thailand. He is the type that is going to make his mum's life miserable, soak her for everything she has, and then blame her when she can't do more. He was this way before he left the UK, and will be this way when he returns. She has probably been the most at peace while he has been away. I feel sorry for her, not him. It is easy to see his ways, it's all about him, he doesn't care about anyone else, and will make them feel guilty when they can't continue providing for his immature self. Wouldn't be surprised if drugs are involved. Classic case. Good luck to mum.
  5. Another sleeping bus driver on Thai roads. No excuse. Life is too cheap in LOD. Hope the injured recover.
  6. I think the Viets are about the most patient people I ever seen. I was always amazed how they just went with the flow on motorscooters in traffic. Never get upset. In other places if people had to put up with that, would result in constant road rage.
  7. The "Sailing Club" in Nha Trang is popular on the beach side. Restaurant and turns into clubbish at night.
  8. So he spent all his money, is slumming off a friend, and wants mom to come to the rescue and spend money she doesn't have. Leave his sorry azz there and let him figure it out. May be a good lesson of life for him that there are no free rides. Otherwise, he will continue doing this his whole life.
  9. So lets say I get married... I have 10mm in my bank account. I then buy a house and car after we get married with the savings in my bank account. Next year we get divorced. Do we split the house and car 50 50 because it was purchased after we married....but it was with my saved money from before we got married. Did not work during marriage.
  10. As opposed to one who plays a lawyer on television. (I was gonna say TV for short, but that could be misleading out here...although there are lots of TV lawyers out here too)
  11. Great thing to do when you are drunk. One only gets lucky for so long.
  12. Just keeps getting weirder. Can't they just refer to them as "two women"? Who decides if they are pretty? Do they carry a official Thai card that designates them as pretty? What about if they are ugly? Who decides that? Heaven forbid they are "fatties". Who teaches journalists in Thailand that every noun needs a stupid adjective preceding it in a headline?
  13. Yeah...don't forget the TM30 sitdown between civilians and the authorities. Look how well that worked. Thailand cares about one thing...how much money this will generate for the junta. Self funding, money in ones bank, offshore policies, credit card policies, etc etc, don't feed the buddha.
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