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  1. No, I am not going there. It has to be the biggest scam in Thailand and those officials giving it green light are just as guilty as the scammers.
  2. What is a person of means? Does it mean he is one of those "self-proclaimed elite" and therefore untouchable? If so I as member of the general public find you guilty of .....
  3. What prison will they go to? Is it the same one that ordinary people go to? I can't see these folk lasting too long on the budget of 54Baht per day for meals.
  4. I Iiked the unpixeled pics better. Why does it need to censor pics that you see on the streets ?
  5. He is not a government employee so I believe him' even though I didn't understand him. So just go with your heart.
  6. Don't worry. His CV will need to be approved by the Senate for authenticity.
  7. There is an article to cover this??? Article 1523 states that only money would by way of apology???. Is that a law?? The mind boggles.
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