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  1. I'd offer my expertise and the first thing I would do is sack all those incompetent hangers on.
  2. So thet raided walking street and failed to notice all those ladyboys hassling others. My faith in the RTP has been restored.
  3. I agree, but with one reservation. If all the sheeple would stop wearing unnecessary masks it would instill some confidence in the populace, that things are not so bad. The famous Thai smile needs to be seen again.
  4. I have one question. Servers must wear masks. Why when the customers don't? Furthermore Why the bloody hell do we need to wear masks anyway? The news states that Thailand has not had a locally transmitted case of covid 19 for more than 31 days {and counting}
  5. Because it without doubt proves that if you have money in Thailand justice doesn't count!!!!!
  6. Notice that dirty foreigner is wearing a mask and the Thai guy is not!!!
  7. Ahh! That seems about right. I was just going to say something very similar.
  8. Meanwhile 1,700 generals live in a life of luxury, playing golf and being attended to by conscripts.
  9. If you listen to the logic of Ubon Joe it all makes sense. Some of you other "EXPERTS" need to get a grip.
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