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  1. Interesting that you get only 2 entries across a land border but unspecified number of entries by air. After doing your 2 land border crossings can you then fly in for your unspecified number of entries. If you have used up all your air entries can you then do 2 border crossings ? I'm finding it difficult to understand the rational in all this, it's like playing a game where some of the rules are withheld.
  2. Thanks to all for the comments and insights, it would certainly help if limits were clearly stated. I wonder whether anyone has information as to immigrations view of those arriving by air (unspecified number of entries) where a person has additionally made 2 permitted border crossings in the same calendar year.
  3. Still unable to find anything written on this by immigration although land crossings are fixed at twice per annum. Following a recent two week stay in Thailand I was questioned by passport control as to why I did not have a visa and this was when I was leaving Thailand at Don Muang. I want to visit Thailand a few times each year for less than 30 days each time and would like to know the exact rules for doing so. I am a UK passport holder living in Cambodia.
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