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  1. We all can agree this dissenting opinion by the Supreme Court justice was inappropriate; why feel the need to publish it? SIT
  2. Blah, blah, blah. We see you are enjoying fun times in your own personal echo chamber. Tedious. SIT
  3. Your 1st paragraph is utter rubbish! Surely you did not mean to type that. Your 2nd paragraph is hard to debate. Your 3rd paragraph is spot-on; a conundrum indeed. Your 4th paragraph is...well...the first sentence is an opinion brazenly worn on your sleeve a majority would not and will not agree with; the second & third sentences are spot-on. SIT
  4. This is an unfortunate comment. It sadly shines light on those whose personal bias toward an individual mask any reasonable attempt to type a lucid, compelling perspective. SIT
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