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  1. The 60 meter high one in China is solar powered.... it does not say what powers the huge Thai version? There will be more of these (if the Govt is getting a kick back), which will only work for a short time before it packs up due to lack of maintenance and coughs its last gasp.... choked by the pollution. Every one of us has an electric fan... how about tomorrow we all point our fans facing North East and blow the pollution back to Isaan?
  2. Are you American? I hear only Yanks can get one year visa (which is needed to open a bank account). Cant see anyone moving to Vietnam permanently if you cannot open a bank account cuz you cannot get a one year visa. Anyone got further info?
  3. Related question:- What are the pros and cons of turning windows updates on or off?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/thesilverspitfire Silver Spitfire - The Longest Flight is in Kagoshima, Kagoshima. Yesterday at 3:47 PM · Unfortunately, the weather is not being kind to us and we've been on the ground for 3 days in Kagoshima. We will update you all when the picture improves.
  5. Any particular area you had in mind?
  6. I suspect BritManToo is a hansum man and is referring to getting laid for free. (Or is he just bragging?)
  7. Thanks for that. Though I await other responses as, this being Thailand, it may well vary from one office to another.
  8. Far as I know you have to register the car at your local office. However, I am curious to know if the annual tax can be paid elsewhere?
  9. Da Roadrunner was stopped at the airport and had his toothpaste confiscated. As an old and toothless animal, they thought I had secreted something else in the toothpaste. Meanwhile, a Muslim wearing a one piece white smock you could have hidden a rocket launcher up, was allowed through without inspection.
  10. In my experience of years of having cats here, the only two hospitals worth using were Kasetsart (providing you avoid the students and ask to see an Ajarn (teacher) ).... and Vet 4 https://www.vet4hospital.com/ providing you get the owner or his wife. Others were worse than useless, the worst being Chula Vet hospital. Thonglor hospital was also useless and expensive. Ignorance and malpractice are common.
  11. “This law focuses on foreigners who do not have any health and accident insurance. Even though the rates might be different (for different groups of people), the prices are now regulated by the government, so foreigners do not need to worry about being overcharged,” he said. A wonderful piece of Thai inverse logic which translates into: ... The hospitals are not overcharging foreigners because the Govt now says they are allowed to overcharge. What happened to the Dept of Trade investigation into hospital overcharging? This country is giving me brain damage.
  12. Roadrunner is curious... where do they sell this stuff?
  13. Why not indeed?... Cuz this is Thailand, where they could not even organise a pi$$ up in a brewery. Fear not lads, one of the advantages of Thailand is you can almost invariably buy your way out of trouble. As long as you have money there will likely be a way you can stay. All else is smoke and mirrors.
  14. Gone are the days when I was young and so horny I was willing to do visa runs of this nature. If this shambles is the best Thai Immigration can do then I can see many leaving.
  15. The vet has a topical antiseptic you can apply to the sore skin. If it is viral, then antibiotics will not work. Correct diagnosis is needed.... lots o luck finding a Thai vet who knows what they are doing! Kasetsart is full of students, you have to get someone who is qualified (they do have them, as teachers also work in the hospital, but with doctors the world over, only a few are hot at what they do). What are the symptoms?... runny nose, discharge, fever, runny eyes etc. A good doctor will narrow it down by rule-out and symptoms and then order tests.
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