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  1. Sounds like you are panicking. Cabin fever, or is the toilet paper about to run out?
  2. A GoGo Museum. Some of the girls are ancient enough relics to be in one.
  3. If the Monkeys survive we will try it out on Farangs, make it a condition of their visa. If they survive we may use it on Thais. Feel sorry for the Monkeys.
  4. Silicone Wax Rubbing Compound is a two in one abrasive polish. Use gently with lambskin polishing mop on the end of a power drill. Lightly, do not apply pressure. Then finish off with ordinary polish alone. Can be bought in shops that sell automotive paint.
  5. Tomorrows News:- Former delivery driver, Somchai, last seen on a motorcycle.......
  6. How long can you submerge a wife under water?
  7. Thais have never been colonised. You are dealing with the frog that lives in a well, they have no concept of foreigners or the world outside. As for the inlaws, best to live as far away as possible. You are never going to be accepted as a member of the tribe. I would not want to live like a Thai anyway. As they are parasites, a woman will always cost you money. Often, slapping the money down on the bar works out far cheaper than marrying one of em and is a lot less hassle.
  8. Looks like you copied that straight out of the minutes of a TAT planning committee meeting.
  9. Could we quarantine together? Yes, if you are a cute Oriental female aged 18 - 22 and wearing your school uniform, then I think I could work something out. Does anyone know about procedures and flexibility? No, its chaos, with the Thais anything could happen. At the moment Thailand will not even let you in. And no, I doubt if they have a clue what they are going to do tomorrow. To prove the chaos, the above goes counter to the fact they do want tourists to return.
  10. They cause a long list of other serious side effects and conditions, far more than that listed on the inadequate drug information leaflet. There was a cover up by big Pharma and the FDA. Go Google Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. There are also Facebook groups with a long list of sufferers. Many lives ruined by these evil drugs.
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