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  1. Try the Ferrari F430... paddle shift combined with a hand clutch. In town your arms could end up twisted like a pretzel. Why didn't they make a manual version?
  2. The main reason they don't make autos here is because they can't freakin' drive! I like my manual sports car as I would rather drive the car than have it drive me. Plus the manual will accept modifications and more power.
  3. The poor chap obviously had his reasons. We all have our limits, I hope you never find yours.
  4. Exactly what I thought. It's that link between health insurance and visa that will screw up our retirement and force us to leave. They gave us a retirement visa and then took it away with the limitations of health insurance.
  5. Another one. Further proof of what living here can do to you. Thailand can destroy you, mentally, physically and financially. All we can ask is, did he fall or was he pushed? There must have been witnesses in a store like that. Horrible way to go, seeing the ground rushing towards you must seem like an eternity, like the apparent slow motion experienced in a car crash... then splat! RIP.
  6. What are you worried about? They may open your bags, but a body search is rare. So just put them in your pockets. If carrying something larger, pick a moment when the customs guys are busy going through someone else's bags and stroll through. Which is exactly how I got an entire car steering and suspension system in..... Biggest rainbow coloured asian bag I've ever seen! Talk about hidden in plain sight!
  7. It's gone crazy. I guess Thai greed is the driving force. Example:- Q House near Nana station are offering condos from 30 million baht up to 170 Million. Yeah, you read that right. Where do Thais get the idea anyone is going to pay that much? You could buy in Beverly Hills or Monaco for less. As for us Farang, who is going to invest in a Mickey Mouse country with no stability of Govt or Visa?
  8. The cover might easily be exceeded if you get treated at Bumrungrad.... extortionate fees!
  9. Thanks, my problem now is getting the engine through Thai Customs. Any ideas?
  10. Our needs have much in common, except for the ruins (I am one). Which town would you choose and why?
  11. So will I have to get health insurance for Lady Roadrunner too!? She already costs me enough. We Farang need some collective way to petition the Thai Gov't and Immigration. Right now they just do as they please with the reg's that affect our lives. How can they expect people to retire here with no surety of tenure? The health insurance requirement may not affect retirees yet but it's coming for sure. Bottom line is you can stay .... so long as you have money. Typical Thailand.
  12. Desperate measures there man..... Think I would have preferred the Mother in Law!
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