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  1. Degrees is what makes it easier, but any papers can also work. Regardless of that you need an actual offer and then contract from a company, OR throwing a LOT of money on the problem using lawyers and so on...
  2. So, I got a job interview tomorrow AND also a meeting with a good agent to get me off non-B and onto non-O volunteer... Is it possible to get a new work permit on top of a non-O volunteer, or would I need yet another visa when/if the job is offered? Right now I have my non-B from Penang & work permit in my own company, but I really need to get some real control on the issue of visas - I just cannot operate within an amnesty & with a time horizon of September only... After all I moved here just a few months before the whole world fell apart! I could also ask the agent to get a new 90-days business visa/extension (not 100% sure how they do that) which would keep me covered until the job comes through, but if at all possible a volunteer visa feels like a MUCH better platform for getting on with things for the long haul here...
  3. At the very least one could hope that at least SOME embassies will make it very easy to apply for another one, as the applicant got one in the first place that fact alone should be enough for applying again... But then again, bureaucrats and common sense........
  4. My plan of action now is to trust an agent with around 5% of the 500k, then withdraw most & chill things for a year or two here
  5. ...might speed up my plans on using an agent to get onto another type of extension & then convert that 400k to gold! Thanks for the info...
  6. Not for cancelling the work permit, but for getting from non-B to another solution. Even better if I could get onto another extension and then "forget" to turn it in for a while...
  7. I have my own company with work permit, non-B from Penang. Having lost all income from Europe due to the virus, I think I will have to let the work permit go for at least a while... How should I set up my own resignation letter? Seems there would have to be a letter of confirmation too, could that be signed by my thai partner who has the 51% of the shares? Would I have to give the work permit up before applying for retirement via an agent? Is the work permit logged in the database of immigration, or is it at least in theory possible to get onto a new visa/extension of stay beforer turning it in? Worst case I would give up my work permit and then maybe not get onto another extension, in that case I might be blocked from returning for a year or two... If there was any way of getting onto a non-B extension that was affordable I would do that of course, but having 4 idle workers just to stay here until things gets stable again is not the kind of cost I would like to take on!
  8. Personally I've seen too much trouble with banks in the West through my years, although I've never lost any huge amounts. Moving here has been a nightmare with some services like Revolut, the West does NOT like it when you're withdrawing too much cash here! These days I am setting up 2x200k in SCB and TMB for marriage, both have very modern apps and setting up the accounts was actually a very good experience. BUT: both accounts are connected to the cards and the app... I guess I could give them back the cards, but at least for TMB there is NO option for setting up an account that is passbook only, it is all connected to the apps. There have been some cases where foreigners accounts have been drained, but I guess/hope that is one-offs, and for TMB I have backup in the family that is army & police and use them. Guess a very polite visit would sort out the really bad shenanigans, if such should happen. What I wonder about is if there are any other guarantees or fallbacks IF something really bad happens? In the West there is too much of that in my opinion, with cards and accounts being blocked when doing the tiniest thing that is not 100% standard... Is there any real recourse if something happens, or would the bank just go "you gave your passcode away"?
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