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  1. Thanks a lot! Tried to find a thread on this that was already here, but to no avail - so I posted this & kinda expected you'd reply! You are really doing a LOT here, and for me personally stuff feels much safer & less confusing when you reply
  2. Is it possible to add a multiple entry, or even single re-entry when I soon will be in Thailand on my second 90 non-B? Will file for work permit & 1 year extension as soon as possible, also registering marriage, but might have to do a quick detour during the whole process...
  3. You sound like a polite and likeable person, so you should definitely be welcome in Thailand! Hope you find some ways of getting a "boost" or lift that clears up these things, there are a lot of things to learn from thais when it comes to dealing with mental problems - the people stuck in the West are the insane ones in MY opinion at least!
  4. It all worked out! When picking up the passport I discussed the letter and its wording with the visa guy, and he agreed that its form and wording quite likely could have tilted the decision the right way... One of the concluding sentences contained a phrase saying the company "invites me after careful consideration", and we also got my minority partner who'll remain here in Norway to sign the letter - signing myself as the lawyer initially suggested would not have been a good option! Next is work permit & an extension, hard work & building the business
  5. A week ago we got the company seal for our company, and now I'll return on a non-B visa as soon as possible! The lawyer I use really has delivered so far, but now I do wonder a bit especially on the invitation part... Basically I will invite myself, using their template. There are two catch-22 situations that can easily arise: 1. The embassy might demand to see financials for the company and/ or trip, but the company has no bank account yet nor cashflow. But, even for getting an account I will need to be in Thailand on a non-B visa... 2. They might demand to see customers and/or workers hired, but that is also something I cannot get all finished up without returning. According to my visa agents the embassy has some new staff that follows the regulations to the letter, so what I then wonder about is if it would be wise to give them some extra documentation from the start - or just apply & see what happens... I could bill my own companies in Europe from the thai company even before getting the bank account, or I could document future income with letters from 2-3 companies. Or, would perhaps information like this be a good thing to put in the invitation letter itself? Anyone having experience with newly minted companies & visa? This will be my second non-B, the first one was with invitation from a BOI for a project that didn't work out... (The visa guys suggested just changing the date on that letter & re-apply, which is tempting, but certainly not worth the unknown risks long term!)
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