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  1. really stupid. In whaty world does arresting and charging tourists for weed make sense? Grow up Thailand and make recreational weed a thing and see how that affcets tourist numbers.
  2. arguing a moot point. stating he will be out on bail somehows triggers you into thinking people are debating whether he should be allowed on bail. Of course he should be allowed out on bail.
  3. while its a cert that he would end up dead ift hey found him how sure are you the boyz in brown can track him down? not such a cert.
  4. A school based on removing one source of education is a doomed model. I went to a unisex school and it <deleted> me up for years... hence me coming to thailand. lol
  5. typical americans always staright to the gun debate. if she hadnt had a gun she would have used another less effective method. the problem is her depression which was obviously exacerbated by her social media use. every toher day people pulled out of rivers, charcoal suicides and jumping off bridges and you all want to debate guns.....
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