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  1. Well, why do you choose to live here? I choose to live in Bangkok because it's a fantastic city, loads of great things to do and see, great public transportation better than any I've seen in Western countries (Especially the US, ewww) delicious food, nice people, affordable accommodation.. and so on.. There's some things to be proud of. I guarantee if they offered OP citizenship he'd be saluting the flag and singing the national anthem for the privilege in a heartbeat.
  2. My country has contributed several world altering technologies, but here I am in Thailand. Really makes you think.. It's almost as if it has no bearing on anything at all. At least Thais can say their country looks after their own, wish I could.
  3. They don't anger takes hold. It's very easy to sit at a computer and point out he made a terrible mistake but in the moment you're talking about some extremely powerful urges to protect your offspring. He made a serious mistake and he and his child will suffer the consequences. It's unfortunate the victim put the man in this position to begin with.
  4. He might have stopped before he killed the guy but I have sympathy for the circumstances. Kicking a man's 4 year old child is asking for a good beating. Sometimes the red mist just takes over.
  5. Of course people with a propensity to do harmful drugs are going to start with weed. That doesn't mean weed leads people to harder drugs.
  6. I'm on True and am paying more than that for 50 down 20 up. Unfortunately my options are limited due to the the cables around my building. Although besides torrenting and downloading the occasional steam game I'd never utilise more than that.
  7. I haven't had this in years.. I miss those guys, their slight of hand tricks are well worth a couple of hundred baht for a bit of entertainment. I draw the line when they try to sell me a candle for 2000 baht though.
  8. I'm getting some delivered through honestbee, you could check that out.
  9. I have accounts at both banks and can't say I've noticed either being particularly friendly or unfriendly.
  10. Retirees moaning about people getting a slightly longer holiday? Surely not on TV!
  11. Here it is, in all it's glory.. All the greyed out ones to the right are future stations. No indication of BTS connecting stations etc. Sorry for the poor angle, people in the way.
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