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  1. @BeBessie Why the massive necro? Oh you're a bot spamming your dumb shopping links.
  2. I'll add that if you haven't played the animal noises game already, that's always a good one while it lasts. "What sound does a chicken (rooster) make?" "Ekky Ekky EEK!" - I laugh "cockadoodle doo" - she laughs
  3. Netflix is worth having just because there's a decent amount of stuff with subtitles. There's a few favourites on there I can share with her. Cooking things she's never experienced/ getting imported stuff from villa for her to try. Just sharing general life perspectives and exploring cultural mindsets, religion, the nature of life etc. I refused to settle with a girl that couldn't hold a decent conversation, it's paid off. That's been a learning experience for us both, it's helped me integrate and i'd like to think it's helped her to have a wider perspective of the world.
  4. Maybe get the BTS to Udom Suk and a taxi the rest of the way.
  5. Does it give any indication as to why it was rejected, or do you have an idea?
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