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  1. Turns out the answer was simple, so I'm sharing in case someone else does what I did. If you're using Chrome, you cannot use Google translation. Simple as that.
  2. Just when I thouht we had it cracked......... My wife just came back from a business trip and I logged on to the TM30 webpage to register her back at home. (we have the landlords password) There's a note at the top of the page that says to use V3 TM30 form as improvements have been made. I filled in the usual details on the form already on that page, assuming it would be to date, but when saving, get an error message telling me it was incorrect. We've tried filling in EVERY field, just the starred ones and everything in between, but with no luck. Has anyone else had similar problems recently, and if so, how did you solve it ? Thanks in advance for any help or advice received.
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