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  1. "Walk of shame ".....have we regressed in time?.....are we back in the dark ages?
  2. Just another member of "the band" singing the same old song. "Bullsh#t" is al the band can play. They sing it night and day. Anyone who wears a jacket like that has got to be sus!
  3. For convenience and the absolute sureity of honesty 250 of the people surveyed were the junta appointed senators, 250 were their (subsevient) wives, and 2 staffers from each senator's office. The other 100 were random cleaners and gardeners from the parliament buildings.
  4. The survey results were compiled by the writers of The Monty Python Show.
  5. Exactly...."Authority " and "power" are abused all over the world. It starts in one's formative years. It's called "bullying". It's rife in every society on every level in every workplace. And (imho) the greatest bullies are the polticians. Power hungry mercenary ghouls using thugs in uniform to intimidate the masses.
  6. When I was 18 yrs old I was arrested in an anti Vietnam War protest as were 180 others. We were caged under the police station in Canberra (Australia) and processed one by one over the next 8 hours. 2 policemen with i.d. removed beat us badly in the stairwell between the cage and the charge room. The short term effect was fear and terror. The long term result has been I have to question everything that we take for granted. "Authority" means "power". Us human beings have unlimited potential. It's completely personal how one leads one's own life. "Fear" is the most uncomfortable feeling. Those who intend to cause and/or perpetuate fear have a very ugly existence indeed. The video of cruel and indifferent police could be in any country in the world.
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