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  1. Pretty bad when you have to set up a special council for breathing ... says it all.
  2. The fascist government are just taking a lead from their Chinese masters and copying others as a way out of this crisis because they haven't a clue. You can see it and this Big Brother fascist tracking nonsense is straight out of communist China's handbook ... bet it's a Chinese software app that they've been given, just been rebranded, as nothing made here could possibly work in such a short space of time. Bet the Chinese government has access to the tracking info through a back door in the software for future reference.
  3. The never ending fascist nonsense from China keeps on going. Hopefully, the rest of the world will grow a spine and wake up to it's evil empire expansion. China even gets a pass from ISIS. It is very hypocritical of the west to wag it's finger at so many but when it comes to China, it's like ... "Ah-hu-hum" cough cough (clear your throat noise) followed by "Errrm, now, moving on."
  4. This fascist nonsense has started at 7-11 now too. I mean, really, got to sign in and out of a convenience store for a quart of milk and a beer or something ... more like an inconvenient store.
  5. Most appropriate OP picture of a sunset with the TG emblem plane tail fins in the center.
  6. Hopefully his two year tenure as head of the army will soon end.
  7. I guess the profession doesn't exist until the big boys get off work and need a soapy before meeting the wife for dinner ... or want to meet the gik once a week at their place of choosing. Guess the girls really have to be creative when filling in the forms for government help ... as the truth has never helped anyone here.
  8. Don't know about anyone else but I'd not even consider flying Thai Airways ... no way, when it is over rated and over priced with moody cabin crew. I fly EVA every time and it's way out in front on all things ... Emirates is good too but I feel it's a little pricey.
  9. The malls are a magnet for Thais of all sorts. Why? I reckon it is deeply related to wonderment, personal fashion projection statements and, of course, face (although the second two are very intertwined with each other). For the locals, how better to project your cosmopolitan urban success story (or the perceived image of thus) than being in a mall enjoying, and more importantly being seen to, all they have to offer and that this is the norm for you? There are also many that just wander around gawping at the bright lights and goods in the air-con in wonderment but spend nothing other than at the food court, which in itself is a decent day out for the poorer end family and relatives. Also, it's worth noting that this can be found nowhere else all in one place really, quite so easily, and it wasn't so long ago that this sort of stuff was only in the big places or tourist centers ... thus many are still not used to it and malls possess still a certain novelty for many. Although, the "look at me in my modern life" and the fact I've got enough money to sit around places like Black Canyon living the enviable life (for Thais at least) probably does go a way to fueling this obsession (along with a few other things) of these 5 star markets. There is a great driving force for the locals to be modern, cosmopolitan and enjoy a western stylized lifestyle ... or at least to be seen to.
  10. Sign up for our government app that tells us where you go and what/when you buy something. Yeah, "Sure thing" the brainwashed say ..................
  11. Hahah yeah, and you'll have to repeatedly keep giving them your same phone number each time ... rather like immigration, who have had my same number for 20 years now but still insist on having it again each time, even though they have never called me.
  12. Well, at least the tourists are still alive having spent so much time there on that island.
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