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  1. That dude is lucky. If you pull that sort of nutjob stuff in a hospital then really all bets are off. He should get the harshest of punishments allowed under the law as some places like this should be off limits to scumbaggery and the authorities need to send that massage, as it seems that many now seem to think the inside of a hospital is fair game for conflict now ... not OK.
  2. Fair enough, get rid of the garbage ... all for it. Only thing that is annoying is that the law abiding ones amongst us that don't commit crime and do everything right get treated with the same indifferent brush by officialdom regardless of what we do or how much of a benefit to Thailand we are.
  3. Great idea but futile as it doesn't matter what anyone thinks here other than the "Dear Leader" ... pfft.
  4. Looks like the Thought Police are all over everyone here and for the future. A nicely compliant rubber stamp everything to a single person's whim ... doesn't bode well as seems they are in the process of following the China model.
  5. "The Cha Cha Cha Hotel" ... got to give it them on the naming businesses front.
  6. Just another oxygen thief that needs some reality injected into his life via hard labour. Far too much La La Land going around these days with the morons.
  7. When I saw the title to this thread it popped into my mind that DPM Prawit meant Damage Per Minute Prawit.
  8. Motorbikes aren't even supposed to be on the bridge ... but hey, who cares about the rules huh. If you disregard the law then you are rolling-the-dice (probably still rolling-the-dice if you do follow it), so deal with the downside if you get caught out as there is no nanny state here.
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