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  1. I am a certified diver, certified to 120 feet, and I can tell you anyone certified to be a divemaster or instructor would never have let this happen.but if this article is accurate it stated he was with a non certified individual...if he was on a diving boat cruise to Racha Yai I wonder what dive shop?? he was with.
  2. listening closely to the music being played in the background was "one way or another" by Blondie..it was fitting as the cops were wrestling with him to put the cuffs on...surprised his hands were cuffed to the front..
  3. I am traveling to Phuket beginning of march for some diving and time with my lady friend..after reading almost daily reports of injuries or death in Phuket I am thinking that 1. When I am with my friend I will refuse to travel anywhere on a motorbike..cars may not be much better but stand a chance of not getting seriously injured or killed. The xtra USD for taxis will be cheap compared to repatriating my dead body back to the states. 2. stay off the roads after dark... 3. I am probably safer in the water diving than on land...at least I hope so....LOL
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