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  1. Buying a house in the USA somewhere safe and outside a big city is probably a very good idea. I would want a place in the country of my citizenship in case things go really bad. In a precarious time I like to control the parts of my life that I can. There is going to be an exodus to the burbs soon.
  2. People are already booking cruises. The cruise lines reported what I thought unusually high numbers for new bookings. People are already on TV here ignoring social distancing at some amusement parks. I mean completely disregarding it. So I think people will go back to the old normal rather quickly it's in our DNA. If the Rolling Stones came to town and had a concert with no social distancing it would sell out immediately. The only thing stopping them is a handful of governors and mayors. The type of people that would drag you out of the water if you try to swim at the beach. I agree with you on the economic impact and usually we agree on very little. Thailand's pain hasn't even begun yet. Of course for other places as well, but I expect it to be pretty severe in places like Thailand. NYC will most likely never come back if they do not open 100% and do it very soon. It will be odd in 20 years when we talk about peak NYC and peak California. It is hard enough to make a successful business in the best of times. It is impossible to make one if you are limited by an arbitrary number such as 25% capacity. Though with anything one man's loss will be another man's gain. There are some great opportunities happening now. The concept of having to go to the office for no reason is a big step forward for society. Anyway back to the OP I feel safe in the USA close to a big city but far enough out for the lockdowns and nonsense to not bother me. I will probably take my new boat out and do some fishing for sunfish on one the numerous lakes in my area. The drive in theater is opening soon and that could also be fun.
  3. I heard if he gets too close the formaldehyde smells you. Makes my skin crawl frankly. The good warm sweetness of joe's breath and fresh denture cream caressing the back of your ear and the nape of your neck... when you are a 5 year old girl..
  4. That leathery skin that makes him look like a cricket that has been sucked down to a shell by a spider. Y'all know what I mean. The spots all over his head, that make up down hideIsn't that a sign of cancer? Was that a hair piece? I thought that he had plugs installed and they are falling out. I heard he takes Prevagen everyday although science says it doesn't work and he is living proof. What a disgusting hideous man. Although every night I am praying for him.
  5. Because their candidate is so feeble they must shift the discussion. There has been some flooding about lately in the USA. Hopefully not in Joe's area or he may have to surface above ground at some point. Let's hope the sump pump in his basement is stronger than his heart. Now let me sound like a Trump hater. Biden is the worst human being on the planet, a racist by anybodies admission, a serial molester, a shill for the banks, dishonest top to bottom, unsuccessful he isn't a billionaire, ad nauseam.
  6. Because as Spartacus so succinctly put it, he is dipping into Kool Aid and he doesn't even know what flavor it is.
  7. Even Harris at the debate said Biden was on the wrong side of history in regards to the civil rights movement. She was the little girl that threw Joe under the bus.. I mean she was the kid on the bus. Whoops. I just did a Biden.
  8. I just don't want to have to look at that nasty gaping hole in her front teeth for 4 years.
  9. I thought this section of TV was the active resistance? I always picture the brave nature of all of these underground fighters. Defeating Trump with one courageous post after the other.
  10. Both were senile but only one will ever be studied by scholars or remembered. Pardon the pun.
  11. Or like when I say I am gay and people here say something like I sound like a guy who claims to have gays for friends. Once you can not bow down to these people they will attack you no matter who you are. I have never seen an angrier bunch.
  12. Everybody knows the deal is rotten, old black Joes still picking cotton For your ribbons and bows and everybody knows. - Cohen
  13. That statement became less true the moment Machine Gun Joe said it. He only lost votes, if you think that statement gained him votes you are crazy. He isn't woke enough.
  14. You don't get to call the shots. We are the new left, we alone decide what is racist or not. Further more we decide what is xenophobic, homophobic or anti-granular sentiments towards vegans. You will learn we will tell you where to swim, what beach to go on, if you can run a business, so don't get too concerned with individual choice. I am beginning to lean towards NY and CA would just go their own way because there is no way in hell anybody here will join. We have just witnessed peak NYC and CA. To top it off we have this idiot who doesn't understand China is NOT our FRIEND.
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