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  1. It should be an international forum and it falls short in many ways. But yes I am right as I get to vote and as you are not a citizen you can’t. This is basically what it is all about, who can vote? you can only opine and I can vote and shape policy. This is a distinction you might be wise to make.
  2. You aren’t American so thankfully you do not get the option to pass legislation. So I really have no need to engage you any further.
  3. Suddenly Fox News is valid if it supports your views? That’s pretty weak.if I quoted Fox News you would say I am a liar. You can’t have it both w@ys https://www.foxnews.com/tech/bill-gates-slams-ocasio-cortez-says-her-tax-policy-is-missing-the-picture
  4. It’s odd you say that when to accomplish the new green deal there is talk of printing trillions of dollars.
  5. They aren’t laughing they have a lot of pressure. If they are laughing that’s fine. The six week holidays might be curtailed as Europe sinks deeper into a very big looming recession. Is China laughing? I guess so if you like a recession. Can an you explain to me who is laughing when theAmerican economy is the envy ofthe world?
  6. If your plan is to disarm hundreds of millions of people based on such puerile responses you get a high five. I even gave you a trophy upvote.
  7. That they are trying to come into America. They wave flags of the homeland they flee. I should have said Honduras. The fact that the refugees come to the USA border and wave flags of their perspective countries whom they fled under the threat of death and wave that flag and can not seem to translate anything into English makes people wary. they could approach it very differently and then people wouldn’t be as worried.
  8. They come to the border with Mexican flags and anti-American rhetoric in Spanish. The approach is quite comical.
  9. Hopefully the next time they do that they refrain from waving Mexican flags.
  10. I voted positively because it means my husband doesn’t really want to go back home and has chosen the path of citizenship in the United States.
  11. Sometimes they can prevent it. Anyway thanks for the kind words.
  12. Amrica isn’t the UK. This argument is always the same. My husband who is British was pretty much against guns for any reason. We live in the countryside and when we just moved in there was a rather grisly home invasion rape and murder. the attacker used a knife. I explained to my husband what would we do call the cops and wait? He could see what I meant at that point. I am not for taking people’s guns but penalties should be severe for those committing any crime with a firearm or any weapon. if you rob a liquor store with a gun or knife life in prison. No exceptions. Using a gun in the commission of a felony shows a certain mind set. It says that the individual has no concern for human life. Transporting a loaded weapon should be twenty years if done so illegally. I keep my short barrel firearm at home solely for self defense and the killer in Illinois has nothing to do with me. In in a perfect world yes nobody has a gun but in America this is not a reality nor will it ever become one. I don’t support these idiots on YouTube that “assert” their gun rights by taking an AR15 and open carry in a school zone. also in America many people actually do hunt because we have a lot of wildlife not owned by royalty. I think everybody in Switzerland is obligated to have a gun and they don’t have this problem. It it isn’t the gun itself doing this.
  13. Sorry for the weird quote I am doing this on a new iPad so things are weird. Yes I was talking about Matthew Shepard. Sorry about that I actually googled the spelling to make sure I didn’t spell Shepard wrong. I guess in that effort I got the first name wrong. My apologies for that.
  14. Exactly. The precedent started when Obama “ruled with the pen”. That ship has sailed it’s exactly what the dems did when they had the house, senate and Oval Office. Unfortunately for them they were arrogant and lost to what they thought was a mental midget. This is is a continuation of what Obama tried to do not a new play by Trump.
  15. never Mind. I have said it already before and will simply get the same tired arguments. But this statement is spot on
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