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  1. Define " a long time" Let the EU take care of it. If they don't help expect refugees.
  2. Well that seems to imply the Kurds are fickle in their loyalties. If they flip sides so easily it seems they weren't any great ally. Anyway as others have said this is Europe's backyard time for them to take action and stop whining.
  3. People care about their retirement funds more. Trump's tax returns aren't an everyday concern.
  4. A lot of people are beginning to move from the deck of the Liz Warren boat and getting better seats closer to the lifeboats. Tv is becoming an endless resource of amusement from the out of touch and misinformed. The feds don't mess around if there is a case they do no rely on rumors and innuendo. They don't sit around behind closed doors in closed closets with whistleblowers. As far as Trump's wealth goes, who care? He had enough to become the president. There is around 10% of the population that even cares about this. The rest of us have jobs and homes and a plan for the future.
  5. I agree. The irony they are going to go to war with the tech industry that started it all isn't lost on me. That's why Oakland is on fire in a way it didn't used to be.
  6. You are beginning to sound like Harris in a city in the midst of urban decay.
  7. So we should sort of wait and see what the next whistleblower actually says?
  8. Truer words have never been spoken. You have got me to completely reverse my position.
  9. Sore losers would be the theme of the dems. They have been playing that hand for over a decade
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