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  1. I can't put my finger on it but it feels like somebody has gone MIA.
  2. Why are you so ignorant? mueller himself has stated this
  3. The United States is a Republic and as such the states vote. If that weren't the case the union would have been broken long ago.
  4. Then you are very wrong and should take the time to educate yourself. Trump said he wanted the report released and urged the house to vote to do so. Please inform yourself
  5. The source is every major news channel in the USA whether liberal or fox. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, WAPO, NYT, Bloomberg.
  6. Trump said release it. The house voted 420-0 to do so at his urging.
  7. That there is no new indictments of any kind. You ramble about sealed indictments as if you are privy to what they are if there are any. Then you get into state level crap which we have to give the presumption of innocence. I am done responding to you if you are unable to see the significance of this.
  8. Funny how quiet it has become most of the usual suspects are absent.
  9. I am saying for years Garuda was considered so unsafe they couldn't get certified so it is ironic. They were the last airline any person in their right mind would fly because of their egrecious safety record.
  10. If you say so.... it is known now there are no new indictments from Mueller. The state level stuff will be from when Trump wasn't in office. Checkmate.
  11. Garuda talking about people being afraid to fly? lol Have they recently earned the right to even land in the USA?
  12. Passing adult legislation would be that start. Our roads and bridges have a D+ rating.
  13. All news channels here in the USA even the main stream nightly news are reporting no new indictments. That would include Trump obviously. So now that's out of the way we can get back to passing an infrastructure bill and begin making America great again.
  14. They were all sent to jail on charges not even related to the probe. Even Cohen who was testifying before congress before he got thrown in prison said there was no collusion.
  15. It's going to be fun watching the likes of Lemon and Maddux cry and clutch at straws this weekend. No further indictments to come is the word. If we are lucky Miley Cyrus might even leave the US.
  16. Yeah China is making all kinds of "friends" through enslaving them with debt. Anyway this is about what amounted to a witch hunt not China.
  17. It's looking so far like it was what many suspected the infamous "nothing burger" This thread should be fun for a laugh.
  18. No expert on Golan Heights and don't really care. However my read on this is turning blue Jewish votes red. It's just another step to handily defeating the dems who are pretty much going to find out the Jewish vote has jumped ship on them Trump is a pretty staunch Israel supporter for a man the left ironically calls a nazi. The dems have assumed that they will always get that vote. There are going to be a few voting for Trump quietly while telling people who poll them the opposite. This is a big deal in places like Florida. Okay time for outraged replies, I can already feel the vehemence coming.
  19. You are aware that the whole outrage thing for most moderates isn't an effective tactic?
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