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  1. She also can't ever admit it simply won't work. She will try to get trillions from billions. She might get a big cash grab the first year but after that the money will be gone. It does look like the dems are going to push their least palatable candidate for 2020. Warren is going to have a hard road once big tech turns completely against her. Gabbard made a good point about there isn't going to be a more united country if the dems win. You think it is divisive now, wait for a dem win. All of these grandiose 10 year plans will never go into place. They don't seem to have anything of substance for what happens right now today. Hopefully out of this we are finally rid of Beto and Harris. They never had a shot at winning but more than that their general message needs to be stomped out and forgotten. Yang is entertaining at times but God forbid they introduce a VAT. Pete is spot on at times but then the voice of God starts to flow through him undoing all the good things he says. The final take from the debate to me is that no matter who you are things will become more expensive for you. Hopefully Warren will dominate the dems now so the fight against her can be put together immediately. She scares just about anybody who isn't deathly ill and homeless and this includes a wide section of the left.
  2. Luckily you are a liberal or you would be called out on such comments in your last two posts.
  3. Define " a long time" Let the EU take care of it. If they don't help expect refugees.
  4. Well that seems to imply the Kurds are fickle in their loyalties. If they flip sides so easily it seems they weren't any great ally. Anyway as others have said this is Europe's backyard time for them to take action and stop whining.
  5. People care about their retirement funds more. Trump's tax returns aren't an everyday concern.
  6. A lot of people are beginning to move from the deck of the Liz Warren boat and getting better seats closer to the lifeboats. Tv is becoming an endless resource of amusement from the out of touch and misinformed. The feds don't mess around if there is a case they do no rely on rumors and innuendo. They don't sit around behind closed doors in closed closets with whistleblowers. As far as Trump's wealth goes, who care? He had enough to become the president. There is around 10% of the population that even cares about this. The rest of us have jobs and homes and a plan for the future.
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