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  1. Finally. I have long been waiting for this announcement. This is now the most important issue for Trump. His base needs the wall, and the haters also need it for their and their future children's safety, security and preservation of the American state - even if they don't understand that. To put the 8 billion requested into perspective just consider how much the US government hands out yearly in "aid" freebies across the world to countries that hate us. Never has a POTUS achieved so much in any time frame. That 45 has crammed achievement after achievement in just 2 years is nothing short of miraculous. Go the wall!
  2. If she is deemed a high priority rescue, they can easily send a private HS125 or Gulfstream over to pick her up. It happens all the time. Same as how the Americans rescued Otto Warmbier. I would have expected since she became an enemy combatant against civilized life/the UK that her passport would have been rescinded, but am not surprised she has a legal right to return, and no doubt be entitled to any and all benefits so she doesn't have to work and can concentrate on converting others to her ideology. A dangerous waste of money and resources.
  3. Oh really? His approval rating is now 50% or more. More popular now than even Barack Obama. He will win the next election I am quite sure of it. Wall or not. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/trump_administration/prez_track_feb13
  4. Considering her real name is Fatemah Zahra I would imagine her loyalty has always lied with the Iranians or some other regime that suited her obvious ideological beliefs. The tragedy here is that so many countries are stacking their armed forces and intelligence agencies with snakes in the grass. Had the American intelligence agencies been staffed by proper Americans this sort of event would never happen. Political correctness and affirmative action have NO place in security agencies full stop.
  5. I can't help feeling a bit sad he was convicted. The drug war that El Chapo was an undoubted king is totally the result of US prohibition. It would always end this way, the demand is there the supply will be too, no matter what. The biggest and toughest will rise to the top. After El Chapo is removed a new one will have already taken his place, None of this affects the amount of drugs crossing the border, nor the violence perpetrated by rival drug gangs trying to snuff each other out. In many ways El Chapo deserves respect. It would have been all too easy to join one of these caravans of economic migrants and cross the southern border and enjoy a parasitical existence on the taxpayers dollar. But no, this was one determined, ruthless and highly clever individual that rose to the top in his game. What happens now? Probably some of his gang will know the jurors identities and will send a strong message to the US judicial system by some gruesome acts. And for El Chapo? I guess he will be on suicide watch, what is the point of living like this?
  6. Yes good point. Also we must not forget their strengthening presence throughout Western European nations and Canada too. Thousands of returning fighters don't help matters and supplement the supporters. The final battle against ISIS will be taking place through the Stockholm, Paris and Birmingham streets, not out in the Mid East.
  7. I am starting to have grave misgivings about this election. First the army vehicles on the streets yesterday, and now this. Blatant threats I would say. Now, I am no particular fan of Thaksin but the best way forward is for one of his parties to win this election and just get on with whatever it was he was doing. The army proved they couldn't organize a cockup in a brothel, so time to get off the pot and let others have a go.
  8. It never stops there. Give the loons an inch and they want a mile. Just look this week at Ms Cortez calling for every building in the United States to be demolished and rebuilt with "green" designs and technology. So, what happens to all the billions of tons of glass, concrete, slate, asbestos, dry wall, fixtures and fittings? Can Mr Cortez even begin to imagine the fossil fuels required to re-mine, refine and produce every single building in America? And then where will these "green" materials come from? Yes that's right, from mines, transported across continents and oceans, dug by huge diesel burning excavators all requiring a colossal amount of fossil fuel burning. It is pure lunacy. This is why we must stand strong and reject the ideologists and their hare-brained ideas. I read on this thread that only 97% of scientists even agree that the climate is changing. This makes it an unproven theory. You would find 100% of scientists agreeing that the earth is round - bacause that is factually proven. No figures for how many scientists concur that mankind and the burning of fossil fuels causes this change - as opposed to natural cycles that have existed since creation. And no source on who sponsored the scientists. Hungarian billionaires? The whole thing is a load of bull. Until we can legislate effectively against volcanos and their CO2 emmisions, I say keep gunning the V8's and leaving the millenials behind in their Priuses in a big cloud of smoke and burnt rubber.
  9. Caving in to a baying mob, not sure that sets a good precedent? Can I hope all the internet activists will keep working to ensure the release of all the other hopeless cases in IDC?
  10. Amy Klobuchar(er..who?) with a 22-1 chance of winning the next election. vs Donald Trump with a 2-1 chance. https://www.oddschecker.com/politics/us-politics/us-presidential-election-2020/winner Is it even worth the democrats fielding a candidate at all? Save themselves yet more embarrassment by not running. They could then use the 4 year term to regroup and apologize for the hate and negativity since Trump smashed Clinton, and work towards a more positive campaign message. I think they have realized that negativity just doesn't sell beyond the die-hard extremists and commies.
  11. Disgusting racist anti white propaganda. Hate speech at its finest. And I have no idea what this BS has to do with faux climate change being a worry for the intellectually challenged? Can you clarify matters?
  12. Finally. The truth is laid bare. Irrefutable proof that the MAGA movement under the greatest US President ever Donald Trump has indeed made America more powerful. Just like it said on the box. How much more powerful? Almost double. What an amazing achievement. And it is not lost on me, but what was once called "Global warming" is now called "climate change" after the theory of global warming was well and truly debunked. Can't believe so many are blind to this. '
  13. aha, unless this Red Bull absconder has learnt to kick a football around as a part-time job, and has converted to Islam. Which as we see would make him untouchable and able to flaunt any and all laws of all countries as he chooses otherwise the internet will erupt in tears. Isn't it amazing nobody cares about the poor Bahraini police officers who were brutally attacked in their station by a large mob throwing molotov cocktails. Did the police officers have young families dependent on Daddy bringing home the monthly wage and food on the table? How did the families feel watching the news that evening? Were the officers feeling anxiety as the mob launched their attack? Were they terrified? This whole issue is so one sided. The Thai IDC is full of families and even young children. Children that definitely did not launch a violent assault on a police station.
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