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  1. And who elected this queen to speak for Denmark? Who even knew(or cared) that Denmark has one? The honor was all hers, to meet the most famous man in the world. All the glossy pics she would treasure for all time. She totally blew this. Trump has better things to do with his time anyway.
  2. Finally, some good news! Trudeau should welcome this opportunity to prove everyone wrong by bringing the jihadist to Canada and converting him back to western values through much money and love. I'd like to see it.
  3. Funny to read this. From what I have seen, he is the only Italian politician with an ounce of credibility. Good luck to him going forward, hopefully his aims will all be achieved and Italy saved for future generations.
  4. Reminds me of the Y2K hysteria, all the planes would fall out the sky at midnight. As with Y2K Brexit will pass largely un-noticed by man on the street. The scare tactics have long proven ineffective.
  5. "16 days waiting for a port to disembark in had taken their toll on the migrants, with frequent fights breaking about among them and conditions on board deteriorating." seriously?? People go on arctic expeditions for months and are stuck in close quarters - or up on the international space station for much longer without resorting to barbaric behavior. These migrants are fed and watered and essentially lounging around on a big ship in the Med, people pay big money to do this. Can they not even act normal for a few weeks? They are not making their supporters task an easy one.
  6. Great decision. These 2 women need to learn there are consequences for their actions. Their hate-mongering has gone way too far.
  7. Another PR disaster. As 1% of the population, the onus is on the muslims to make an effort to respect and integrate into their new host country, not the other way round. Forcing the 99% to change their cultures, customs and lives to suit the newcomers could lead to all sorts of trouble and resentment - as seen in some north European nations.
  8. Makes you wonder whether Ms Pelosi has been receiving funding from ne'er do wells in the Boston area. Funny how the IRA were allowed to openly fund raise for all those years. Interesting to give this tree a good shake and see what falls out. Great timing too, coming up to the crucial 2020 election.
  9. Well, so long as the judge in the administrative court, and this Oscar Camps chap take full personal responsibility and full personal liability for the future behavior of these 150 migrants that are deemed above Italy's border control and migration laws. The judge and Mr Camps will serve prison sentences alongside any of the 150 migrants and pay full fines equal to any future court decisions. "Oh, but that's not what they had in mind!" you say....
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